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    They look great!

    Would have been nice to go, may sometime in the future!

    How was the event overall? – and can we expect to see a Dungeon Majesty report also? 🙂

    Looks like a lot of fun.


    Tavis and the DM crew at Gen Con So Cal 2004

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    The con was great fun of course. hanging out with tavis was much fun. got a great interview with Ed Stark of D&D fame. as well as darth maul. met the dead gentle men, we thought we should as we share a microscopic niche together. they were very gracious and swapped swag. steve from ogre cave was very enthusiastic, as was jalpji kahlsa of kenser games and kubla con. the guys at crystal caste were fun and each of the ladies picked up those rad D2o pendant necklaces haven’t seen them without them since. picked up a megamat for fifteen bucks (great deal) interviewed a bunch of atendees . kept more than an arms length from the Yu-Gi-Oh tourney. which was decked out with a bored parent waiting room. aslo interviewed a certain dave williams of aeg he’s the lead designer for their ccg department, he hooked me up with AEG’s warlord starter box which i have to say as a guy who swore off ccg’s scince spending to much money for a game in which i have never won one match d20 meets magic fun played well, behemoths stuff is real fun really pumps some great life into the classic baddies .too much stuff. we played a game latenight at the tables but the stadium lighting and lack of beer and abundance of mountain dew made for an odd but fun game that melted in to what would usually be a tragic disaster of a session but it was fun . also my breakfast at the hotel was good eggs nice and over medium that weak diner coffee you could drink all day long and feel to buzzy good stuff all around it was a small con . smaller than i expected but what was there was pretty great.

    Seasons greeting from Dungeon Majesty aat the patio of valor


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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