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    Those of you who remember our Whartstock games might be interested to know that early, sketchy plans are afoot for another one later this year.

    With that in mind I’m considering a couple of possible games and scenarios to run. One of them includes the following characters and I thought it might be nice to find suitable minis to represent them:

      [*:gqtxr8by]Bruce Lee

      [*:gqtxr8by]Cyrano De Bergerac


      [*:gqtxr8by]Doc Holliday

      [*:gqtxr8by]King Arthur

      [*:gqtxr8by]Harald Hardraada

      [*:gqtxr8by]Owen Glendower

    I already have a mini for Doc Holliday and I’ve found a good one for Bruce Lee. These are the typical “oversized” 25mm figures common these days – Doc is from the Reaper range, if that helps with the scale – so they all need to look roughly in proportion with one another. Any thoughts for where I might find good minis for the rest? Suggestions welcomed, links appreciated! 😀

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    For Nostradamus, it might be possible to put something together using various bits from GamesWorkshop’s ‘Empire’ plastics. For example the body & head from the guy on the bottom right: … od1530024a

    However, you don’t need to buy a whole box just to get them as there are various ‘bits’ websites that offer the individual parts from most GW sets – such as and (both of which I have used myself and would recommend) …though they both seem to be out of stock of those parts at the moment …typical eh?

    As for some of the other guys …have you had a look at ?

    If you ignore the garish paint job on some of them, a few of the ‘Das Schwarze Auge’ miniatures can be quite serviceable (I own a few, but I’d say that they are probably a tiny bit smaller than some of the reaper miniatures). They’re also not that expensive (which is always a bonus as far as I am concerned 🙂 ).

    …for example … -1103.html … p-968.html

    and… … p-931.html … -1065.html

    And for generic dark age figures (which are also rather cheap), there’s Crusader Miniatures: … =57&page=1

    (it looks like they have Godwinson but not Hardrada 🙁 )

    I don’t know if that helps at all, but there might be something there that will do in a pinch.

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    That’s certainly very helpful, thank you. I had no idea that Ral Partha were still in business!

    The more generic dark ages / middle ages figures should be easier to find, but I’m surprised I’ve seen no Renaissance scholar figs for Nostradamus, nothing even close. I’ll have a good wander around those links.

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    Found a really nice mini for Harald from a company called Gripping Beast. Still working on the rest…

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    Cyrano de Bergerac should be pretty straight-forward: take a swashbuckler mini and give it some quick green-stuff-rhinoplasty. You might want to keep a tube of superglue handy while you’re gaming, in case the nose breaks off and needs emergency reattachment surgery. Either that, or drill a small hole in the mini’s nose, place a narrow metal pin in the hole, and sculpt the enlarged nose over the pin, for added sturdiness.

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    Pencil-Monkey wrote:
    Cyrano de Bergerac should be pretty straight-forward: take a swashbuckler mini and give it some quick green-stuff-rhinoplasty.

    You know, I thought much the same thing until I started looking for suitable minis to work on. There’s an odd lack of historical figures in that area, something I’ve seen commented on several times on various minis forums. The best I’ve found have been a very poor match when it comes to scale or very hard to find in the UK. I think it was Brigade that had a nice Three Musketeers range, but no UK distribution for them and they only come in sets, not single figures.

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    There are Renascence style minis in the old GW range but they seem to have pulled the plug on them since I last was collecting. I dd have a scout around and hidden on their website were these – Citizens of the Empire that might fit. Additionally I had a check around eBay and found these –

    Imperial Noble

    Tilean Duelists

    Their Modheim range might have some good ones as well.

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    Thanks for those links. I’d seen a couple of figures from that GW range on eBay, but they were not at all what I was after. Based on the ones you’ve found I should probably see if I can track down others in the line.

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