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    File Name: Loch Varn Session 01

    File Submitter: Balgin

    File Submitted: 01 Jun 2014

    File Category: Shadows of Esteren

    Genre: Fairy Tale

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    Our heroes come to their senses in a dark and unfamiliar place. Arrows and crossbow bolts whistle around them as they duck behind ruined machinery nervously clutching weapons. From the looks of it this appears to be an old magientist laboratory or factory of some kind but they cannot remember how they got there. In fact past events are pretty hazy. It must be the potent fumes that lace the air within this mouldering wreckage of corrupt science. They cannot remember why they are here, how they got here or even why they are under assault. In fact they can barely remember who they are.

    Will they manage to fathom the mystery of what is going on? Only time will tell. Listen on to find out more.

    Joining us this session are:

    Balgin – the GM

    Drakol – Urvan, Knight of the Temple

    Shari – Yldiane, a Varigal

    Wesley – Mor, aspiring Ionthenn (Demorthen in training)

    Michael Pigoni – Liam, Scholar and Dilletante

    More information about Shadows of Esteren can be found at

    Click here to download this file

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    It’s even got a spangly new intro with proper music and everything :).

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    Nice episode description, Balgin!

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    Hello @[member=”Balgin”]

    I kinda spoke a bit about this in the team indigo forum. You recordings seem to be formatted where some people (the recorder usually) speak in one ear, and others (the rest of the call) in the other ear. And never do the two meet. This makes the recording impossible to listen to with a single ear bud (as I do normally while at work) and kinda funky to listen to through stereo speakers. Are there any plans to fix this in future recordings by exporting or formatting recordings as mono sound instead of stereo?

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    My software used to record in stereo as well, and though now I’ve managed to set the recording software to record in mono (both earbuds), before I used to have to compress the stereo to mono using Audacity. I do all my editing in Audacity, in fact. It’s great.

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    I can certainly give it a bash. Personally I find it really weird listening in mono. After too long it can start to make me grow concerned I’ve gone deaf in one ear. I’ll look into it ‘though as it shouldn’t be too difficult.


    Incidentally I should start recording a new Esteren scenario sometime soon :).

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