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    Life Partner Gemma (or “Gemma” as she is commonly known) is a bit of an enigma. The way she describes it as “kind of like an imaginary friend, only not that imaginary”. Essentialy Dagna’s sister was stillborn and Gemma is a manifestation of Dagna’s desire, and will, to live with her sister. Now, given Gemma’s somewhat dimwitted exuberance, it’s easy to see how some might missunderstand the nature of their relationship, and they don’t bother trying to explain it (Gemma, because she simply doesn’t understand, and Dagna, because she’s sensitive about it).

    Anyway, here I present Gemma, just after she nearly put her foot in a hole. She’s regaining her balance, and what little dignity she has, and then she’s about to pretend it never happened and try to trick someone else into stepping in the hole instead to prove she wasn’t stupid or clumsy enough to do it first.





    I’m especialy proud of the bottom of the hole (cardboard from the back of a Dark Sword blister). I suspect the base was originaly meant to have a bottom to the hole but it was thin and flimsy (or msiscast) aso I replaced it.


    And finaly a big picture of Gemma and Dagna together. Some might note the distinct lack of a family resemblance. Since Gemma is a manifestation of Dagna’s will, Dagna’s idealisation of what her sister should be like doesn’t bear much resemblance to anyone she might actualy be related to.


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    Very cool! 8) Both the mini and the story behind it.

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