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    Yeah, I’m american so this confuses me. It does sounds vaguely farmiliar to something my ‘good’ friend from england told me about. Supposidly it’s something she wants to join thats this roleplaying thing?

    I’m going to assume i’m completly wrong…?

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    I thought LARP was big in the US?

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    I have never once heard of it, first time was from my ‘good’ friend off of my forum. She said she wants to join it in england or something…

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    LARP stands for Live Action Role Play and is exactly what it says on the tin!

    You roleplay, but in a live way (ie not tabletop). It comes in many forms, fantasy, modern, Vampire etc.


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    I once played in some caves but that was ages ago and never played since, but I did take up Paintballing and was with a team for a few years – I even got my photo in some of the magazines! 😀

    I saw some cool LARP weapons while living in Paris – theres an RPG shop there with a load of them on the walls. The morning star looked and felt like the real deal – I feel sorry for the people playing the monsters, especially being hit with a weapon like that (even with padding I bet you could knock someone out with it!).

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    Heh, my friends and I fight with weapons all the time, some of them are sharp too.

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    They call it Vanguard.

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    i met three girls at a halloween party on saturday. they were all dressed up as vampires i asked them if they larp, and go figure they do. pretty funny stuff they also played changeling, and just like any other LARP fan i have ever met they tried to convert me away from graph paper,no thanks.

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    And you didn’t let them at least try and lure you away?

    You are a geek of the worst kind!

    Those Vampire LARPers can be very persuasive, and even if you have no intention of turning to the dark side, it’s always fun seeing how far they’ll go to influence you. . .

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    Curses *Shakes fist* when I come to england in three years after high school, this chic I know there, she keeps bugging me that I have to do some LARP stuff. The curse of deciding to find out what stuff is… then be sucked into it because you have no longer a will of your own.

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    To LARP or not to LARP?

    I tried it some years ago but there are several disadvantages:

    1. Your character is always going to be limited by your own body (no multi-armed, high-kicking, flying…. you get the idea.

    2. Your character is always going to be limited by yourself. It makes it a little more difficult if you get the urge to play a beautiful female assassin, if you are a pug-ugly short-arse male 😉 !

    3. You need to be reasonably fit. Apart from being able-bodied (unless someone comes up with an all-terrain wheelchair), diving into combat and wearing fake armour really reminds you that you need to loose a few pounds 🙁 .

    4. It costs money and/or time to get the right kit together. If you want to be a chain-clad warrior, spraying an old tee-shirt silver is not going to cut it!

    On the other hand….

    1. It is an activity that might loose you those few extra pounds (see above).

    2. You cannot beat the smug feeling when you get a really good sword blow through, whilst skillfully avoiding the riposte.

    3. For some reason, it seems to attract females more that the tabletop stuff. Though married and approaching forty, I still yearn to meet a dedicated female RPGamer! Just for the female insights, you understand. 😳

    4. It can be damned good fun, as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

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    Kevin wrote:
    Heh, my friends and I fight with weapons all the time, some of them are sharp too.

    I’M NOT ALONE!!! Yipee!

    How sharp?

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    I used to do a fair bit of LRP’ing (not LARP’ing ’cause that’s an american abreviation that I’ve only come across recently).

    The system I used to play was called Shadowlands but after I’d been playing it for about three or four years it changed it’s name to Sage’s Saga’s and relocated to somewhere much harder for me to get to. They don’t seem to exist any more but I’ve still got my dwarf mail (what I made myself) and assorted lrp gear lying about.

    It would be nice to get started again someday.

    I went to a LRp convention recently and it all seemed to have changed a lot. Everyone was using oversized exessively long weapons and indulging in “long reach slaps” (to see who could tag who at the greatest distance to avoid getting whacked).

    I still remember the encounter where I went berserk and charged the 30 goblins whilst the humans watched and wondered what the dwarf was doing. After the encounter I had to report “two on the left arm, one on the right arm and fifty two on the back”. That was pretty hilarious :). They just kept running behind me, striking me with shortswords whilst I smashed away at them with my axe and hammer (you try fighting 14-15 guys at once :p).

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    I’ve only LARP’ed once here in Savannah, GA. It was on Halloween about three or four years ago while i was still in college. We were playing some big vampire RPG. I think the conversation went something like

    “Dude, don’t you RPG.”

    “Yeah, why?”

    “Come on we’re gonna run around Downtown Savannah dressed as vampires man.”

    I played for about three hours and then i was sure the cops were gonna get called so i ducked out. I’m not at all embarrassed to run around in costume. I just don’t want to be in county lock-up in costume.

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    Just as well dude… Odds are it was a Cammie group, and some of those guys make Charlie Manson look sane, and me socially well-adjusted…

    I was a Cammie LARPer for many years and trust me… You don’t want to get any of that on you…

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