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    File Name: Labour of Love Session 03

    File Submitter: Hal

    File Submitted: 26 Feb 2012

    File Category: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    The party continue their journey and realise that their charge is a little slippery. They finally make it to the temple

    Buy the Labour of Love PDF

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    • Mind Flayer

    Hal: “Who would like to summarize what happened last time?”

    Drew: “We all got screwed into thinking we’re doing this mission to make a lot of money, but truthfully, we’re gonna get boned in the end?”

    Hal: “Fuckin’ ‘ell, have you been reading my notes?” *People laugh* “No, look at me – have you been reading my notes?”

    Glen: “He was just describing his characters’ ultimate fantasy – getting screwed in the end by the girl.”

    Drew: “Not literally, I hope?”

    David: “With a strap-on beard!”

    Glen: “Yesss!” 🙂


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    Chris: “Sit, meditate, give thanks to Moradin.”

    Hal: “”Ayup, Chuck!” says Moradin, and gives you your spells.” 🙂


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    Lindsay: “Can I milk his goat?”
    Hal: “You can milk his goat if you want. Might be a boy goat!”
    Lindsay: “…Is it a girl goat?” 🙁
    Chris: “It will never stop following you.”
    Drew: “More, please!”
    Hal: “Not much milk outta this goat. Anyone want some for breakfast? Mmm, goat milk’s salty!”
    Ned: “It’s only got one nipple.”
    Hal: “But it’s an awfully long one!”


    Hal: “As a druid, you’d think you’d realize?” 😉

    Hal: “Are you communing with nature?”

    Lindsay: “Yes, I’m communing with nature!”

    Glen: “She’s only a halfling, she can’t pull off the full Catherine the Great, yet – she’s gotta work her way up!”

    Glen: “She’s a druid, it’s okay – druids do it with animals!”

    Glen: “Bards, on the other hand, do it live on stage, so everyone can watch.”

    Drew: “Okay, Pee-Wee.”


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    Hal: “Xanatoss opens his bag and produces some trail rations.”

    Lindsay: “I think I still have some squirrel skewers.”

    Glen: you’re a druid! why do we need to hunt? you have the summon animal spell!

    Hal:Summon Nature’s Ally? Nature’s ally! Come to me, so I may eat you – no, no! Come to me!”

    Glen: “Cows! Cows can be allies.” 🙂

    Lindsay: “I offered you a squirrel.”

    Woman: “Just make sure you decide if it’s gonna be a steer or a dairy cow!”

    Glen: “It doesn’t matter, as long as somebody is standing over it with a hammer, going:”

    Lindsay: “Nooo!” 😮

    Woman: “You’ve never been on a farm!” 😉

    Hal: “Don’t summoned creatures vanish when you kill ’em?”

    Glen: “Then I may eat it ALIVE!”

    Drew: “Does the food in his stomach disappear?”

    Glen: “Quit summoning chinese animals, I’m hungry again.”


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