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    File Name: Labour of Love Session 02

    File Submitter: Hal

    File Submitted: 26 Feb 2012

    File Category: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    The party meet their charge and begin their journey and have some interesting encounters on the road

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    23 minutes:

    Glen: “You can also practice with that little whip-chain flimsy thing – because I can see from your back that you’ve been rolling a lot of 1s.”

    Hal: “Whoo-pah!”

    Glen: Y’know, you can go get new dice, we’re still in town.”

    Hal: “I like that, it’s Order of the Stick: the Roleplaying Game.”


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    24 minutes:

    Glen: “What happens if you run into a monster that’s resistant to that type of damage? There’s three types of damage; do you see me carrying one instrument? No! You see, I have this guitar, but many monsters have resistance to stringed instruments, so that’s why I carry this piccolo, for the woodwind! That’s why I carry this tambourine, for percussion. That’s why I carry this oboe!”

    Lindsay: “Is there any way we can ban him from speaking?”

    Ned: “Why would you carry around a hobo?”

    Glen: “What? He owes me money.”


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    1 hour, 41 minutes:

    Glen: “Rjägjüjär Hjëlstjrüm will stabilize the dying ones, so that they can survive, and reflect on their FAILURE!”

    Hal: “None of them are outright dead – you can stabilize all of them.”

    Glen: “Stabilize all of them, and put a big red ‘L’ on their foreheads – backwards, so when they look in the mirror, they see the extent of their failure.”


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    1:42 minutes – discussing the Book of Erotic Fantasy:

    Glen: “Still waiting for the sequel to come out.”

    Hal: “The perversion one?”

    Glen: “How much more perverted can you get? They’ve got Inflict Crabs – with illustration! Page 107, for those of you who’re wondering.”

    Hal: “And my wonderful spell, Crotch Rot.”


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