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    The game “kill puppies for satan 😈 ” is an extremely easy indie RPG that is basically this: You guys suck! You’re so lame that Satan gives you powers of mercy 👿 . You are sick cold fucked up mean relentless sonofabitch that kill puppies (and other small furry creatures) for satan. You get in some really fucked up business with heroes, religious fanatics, sorcerers, vampires, vigilantes, aliens, ghouls and all sort of creatures like that.

    The book is written without capitalization (satan hasn’t time for it) and full of swear words. The system itself is stupidly simple: roll a d6 and add your stat, if it’s higher than 7 you got it, lower you haven’t.

    the game is produced by lumpy games and costs 10$ in the store but I allredy sent hal a coppy plus the expension. The games site.

    I think it will be a nice fullish game for another christmess spaciel.

    Haggai Kovatch :plot:

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    • Treant

    Yeah – I was looking at it recently actually 🙂 Might try it out on a one off when I get a chance 🙂

    Hal :hal:

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    Ahh, yes by the same guy who created Dogs in the Vineyard.

    I played it once at a Con.

    It’s fun, but it gets a bit tired when all the players are out trying to do bad things to animals at the same time. Being the last on the list of characters to get to mutilate animals sucks. All the good… er bad things have already been done.

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    I like the idea of Kill Puppies for Satan. (Not actually killing puppies for Satan, of course)

    The game is a satire, of course. You know that guy? The one sad bastard in your game who will thoughtlessly do any vicious thing because it will give him a temporary advantage, then gets pissed off because there are consequences? Well, this game is about a party full of these losers. It makes it very plain what pathetic losers they are.

    I have actually heard a story once about a guy who was that type of player, who played Kill Puppies for a couple sessions, then actually realized “Shit…. I am a sad bastard….”


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