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    Danny said she’s make a fine Inga, I believe the words “great likeness” might’ve been mentioned. So Inga she is.

    I finished her last week and took a few pictures. Since taking these photos I habe touched up a few points on the bow where the paint was uneven and flocked 2 spots on the base that didn’t originaly hold the flock. I did not touch up a spot on the bow where the wood colour got onto the binding of the hand grip. I’ll probably do that eventualy.

    I’m not happy with the cloak. The highlight came out too pink. Dark Flesh is agreat basecoat tone for ruddy/dark leathers but I’m having problems working out how to highlight it as leather for now. I ended up inking it down to try and hide the pink a bit. It worked but not as well as I’d hoped. It really did look quite ghastly before.






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    I love the sculpt and the painting; a very nice job there buddy 🙂

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    That is one beautiful figure and the paint job is awesome.

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    Oh God, Danny’s alter ego has corporeal form… Flee!

    Very nice work just to add.

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