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    The webcomic Blue Milk Special is a funny and loving lampoon of the Star Wars saga, and I recommend it to anyone who won’t blow an artery when they clasp eyes on a bad-ass chain-smoking Princess Leia, Darth Vader with a Star Trek coffee mug, or Yoda mangling the lyrics to a Metallica song. 🙂

    The reason I’m advertising it here, rather than one of the official webcomic-plugging-threads on the site, is that the writer of the series has suffered spinal injuries and gone through the same surgery that Lindsay endured. If you read the commentary below the comic strips from the last few months, you may get an impression of what the Halpins have been going through, although with a gender reversal – in the case of Blue Milk Special, it was the wife (who also illustrates the comic strip in a very endearing and clear style, I might add) that ended up shouldering the dual burden of nursing her ill husband whilst being the main breadwinner of the household.

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    VERY happy to hear that you’re recovery has gone so well and you’re feeling better. I’ve been a ‘listening lurker’ and haven’t posted in a while but I wanted to jump on and give a shout out. 🙂

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    Best wishes, Lindsay, for your recovery. Hope to hear you in upcoming episodes of whatever!

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