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    I used to be such an addict, back in the day. I started playing D&D in Grade 4, at my friend’s place, back in 1991…I still have the manual. Dungeons and Dragons Rules Cyclopedia…

    I miss you, RPGs.

    How do I get back into it? I tried with a few folks closeby, but they were very…unique individuals. I’d really love to have some regular folks.

    What are your experiences? Ideas? Thoughts?

    My downside is that I *hate* doing DM work.

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    4th grade, Rules Cyclopedia… sounds a lot like me!

    To get back into it, there are a few places to check. Local gaming stores often have flyers posted looking for players and/or DMs. There may be local RPG or board game groups where you can meet potential players. For that, just google your city/area and “RPG” or “board game” and go from there. There are probably message boards, mailing lists, and events.

    Pathfinder seems to have largely taken over D&D’s mantle, and they’ve got a world-wide organized play network. You can go to and see what they have local to you. With that, you know someone else is doing the DMing. D&D still has the similar RPGA, with D&D Encounters and Living Forgotten Realms, but no one I know still plays 4th edition, which is what those run.

    If that doesn’t work, sci-fi/fantasy/comic book/gaming conventions will be packed full of people who are probably into gaming, so going to one of those and being outgoing can easily get you some contacts. A smaller but still significant proportion of people at renaissance faires are gamers.

    Also, it could totally work to put up an ad up on craigslist in the community section.

    All of these options, if they work at all, which they probably will, will also find a fair share of “unique individuals”. I can speak to this, since I’ve done pretty much all of them, finding new gamer friends as the old ones move away or have kids, or become more and more “unique” as time goes on. Just don’t feel forced to continue spending time with people you don’t enjoy being around. There are always more gamers.

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    You might want to look at Google+ and in particular the new Communities feature.

    I’ve been using Google+ as a gaming medium for a while because of the Hangouts feature, essentially a video conference call, which has worked pretty well. Since Communities appeared I’ve noticed that quite a few people are using it to offer Hangouts for particular RPGs. They’re not too difficult to find, either: search for Communities based around a system you like or might fancy playing (I’m in the Hero System one, for instance) and either ask if any games are being run or check the messages for announcements. Not quite as good as sitting around a table, but a lot better than not gaming 😀

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    Thanks! I’ll look into those! I also managed to hit up a couple of my old friends on Twitter, and they sounded interested too.

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    I found a particular G+ Community aimed specifically at matching gamers with games:

    G+ RPG Hangouts

    Thanks to ThistledownJohn of this very parish, in whose G+ details I spotted this 🙂

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    A few years ago, I found lots of people through My current gaming group branched off from folks I met there. Depending upon the activity in your area, it might be worth a try. Good luck!

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    BigJackBrass wrote:
    Thanks to ThistledownJohn of this very parish…

    Does that mean you and the other moderators are curates, Hal is the priest, and Lindsay is God? 😉

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