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    After much deliberation I’ve decided to finally run a HERO game from the books I apparently own. I’ve got a setting and enough plot to keep the game afloat until the game gets going. The only issue is that both myself and every player are completely new to the system.

    I’m working with the concept one of the players has given me for their character. They are basically a fire mage that works by draining the heat from opponents and the surrounding area to fuel fire attacks. So far for mechanics I have him with a low endurance (used to fuel the drain attacks), that power his reserve endurance with the limitation that it only recharges through use of his drains. He has a bunch of fire powers that are used through that reserve which are fairly straight forward.

    My question to anyone who knows about the system is this, how exactly should I rule the syphoning to raise his end. I was looking at linked drain END with aid reserve END, and I think that might work, but it seems like there’d be an easier way.

    Thanks for any help

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