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    Guildhall’s other cards!

    Along with the Profession cards, Guildhall: Fantasy includes Reference cards and Victory Point cards.

    Guildhall uses a simple symbolic language, that when learned, allows for easy reference of abilities during play, leading to players making quicker play decisions. To assist players in learning these abilities and the symbolic language, we provided Reference cards for each of the Professions and the Victory Point cards, that have the cards’ abilities spelled out in simple English. These cards are a little larger than the other cards in the game, allowing them to be used as card divider, for those players who wish to separate their professions in order to build custom play decks for use in other games once two or all three sets of Guildhall have been purchased.

    The key to winning the game is to acquire Victory Points (or VPs for short) and the most basic way to acquire those points is to buy VP cards. Most VP cards come with an ability that when the card is purchased as an action, allows the player to perform a one-time effect that aids them in the game.  Each release of Guildhall comes with a different Victory Point card deck, which includes 10 unique cards printed three times each for a 30-card deck. Fellowship includes the classic deck that came with Old World Economy and Job Faire, where the decks in Alliance and Coalition replace 3 of those unique cards with new cards with new abilities. Each set comes with a reference card with all of the VP card abilities explained; those cards feature Ted, the Gamemaster. Victory Point decks can be shuffled together or your favorite cards can be paired up in order to make a new deck for a custom play experience if you like, once two or more sets have been purchased.

    Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship is coming this June, Guildhall Fantasy: Alliance is coming this July, and Guildhall Fantasy: Coalition is coming this August.

    GHF promo pics-20

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