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    Hello all,

    I had an idea that would benefit myself and potentially some others from around here.

    I was thinking that we could try and assemble from the vast collection of role-playing that we have here, a database of ‘lessons’ for new roleplayers or those just looking to improve their game.

    There have been a number of moments recently where I have wanted to explain a concept to newer gamers and it would have been great if I could have just emailed/played them a snippet of actual roleplaying goodness to demonstrate what I’m talking about.

    Firstly, is there any support for such an endeavor?

    Secondly, could we start posting ideas (preferably with reference to the specific audio file that we refer to and the time index that it occurs on).

    If this gets off the ground, I will compile the list in the second post of this thread of the intended ‘lesson’ that could be learned and the file and time indexing.

    Let me know what you think

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    Reserved for database contributions

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    The Fear the Boot podcast did a short “what is roleplaying” series for gamers to give to family/friends that could help them explain the hobby to non geeks. It was a while back so I dont recall what it covered exactly but it might have useful info for would be gamers.

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    Thanks LightPagoda, you got a link? I’ll add it in

    Also, I was looking to create a list of specific examples. e.g. an example of a player making a mechanically crap decision that drives the story and character development in an interesting direction OR a player in character speaking to other characters in such a way to imply and communicate that his character is doing something without having to break character to say “I pick up my stick”

    That way, we (GM’s) can have a reference point to send players to when we want to push them outside of old habits and/or to send new players to get them up to speed.

    Again, just an idea… anyone interested?

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    One of thing I always do as a GM is this: Whenever a player tells me my character is saying “x”, I take my NPC voice and ask: ”what was that?” or “Could you repeat that” Roleplaying with your player is the best way to have them roleplay with each other.

    Just my two cents.

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    Good tip MrGunpowder,

    I may just use that 🙂

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