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    I’ve not played the D20 Call Of Cthulhu but I have played the original boxed set many times – I remember scaring the pants off myself reading the material and some games when I was younger.

    While I was the Gamemaster I decided it was a good idea to look into the background of H.P.Lovecraft and try to find some good resources. On my travels I’ve found the following great resourses:

    1. Fortean Times Magazine – Jam packed full of the strange and weird – the perfect resource to look for ideas for games. A few months ago an issue had loads of stuff on H.P.Lovecraft.

    2. Necronomicon – A small paperback book which claims to be a translation of the original “skin bound” version. I believe the book to be fake but the stuff inside is perfect for a game – theres loads of symbols, spells and information that can be used to backup a game. Theres an extra book which goes with it but its not worth buying…. … 05-5478264

    3. The Complete Book of Devils & Demons – From Amazon: “Fully illustrated and containing many cultural anecdotes from around the world, a title on the personification of evil containing topics that range from the academic to the occult, and from the titillating to the disturbing.”. … 05-5478264

    If anyone is interested in this sort of stuff tell me and I’ll post more info…

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    As you will probably have guessed from the lack of replies over here, we have our own CoC oracle, PoC and his site Yog-Sothoth.Com.

    If you need to know anything related to Mr C. then Paul is really the man.

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    Yes I know the site well.


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    Awesome! I’ll have to check those out being the official D20 Coc GM of my group of friends. It’s crazy, when we was up at orecon some dude started telling us about the crazy ness of the game. We were intent listening like little kids to a wise storyteller. So he tells us.

    “In one of my campains a great one was rampaging through the town, and our quest was to stop him. So basically our group just summoned Cthulhu to kill him off, in the end it ment Cthulhu could roam free and wreak all the havock if not more than the origional enimy would, but at least you finished the quest”


    That scares me.

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