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    a good listen, if only for the roll and fail gameplay.

    I have to say hearing some of the setting rules I have to say that half of them are kinda cop outs, the other ones seem random. The idea that mind reading is crazy but Baba Yaga is just fine (especially since the former is much more of a common meme).

    As a side not you brought up in this and AFMBE about the

    skill + attributes for rolls being white wolf. To be fair lots of systems besides white wolf do that. AFMBE feels more like D&D 3.x with degrees of success than WOD. (Besides the 1-5 attributes)

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    Thing is though, in the Book, Greg Stolze specifically thanks Whitewolf for blazing that trail of Attribute+Skill system.

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    Touché sir.

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    I have recently started listening to some of your podcasts and I have found them very entertaining and informative. I especially like your Dawn of legends review.

    A friend recomended your Godlike review and actual play as one of your best ones. But I cant`t find it anywhere on this site and my friend does not have the podcast saved.

    If you could you link to a place where I could download the podcast I would be very grateful 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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