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    My argument was that beauty is not necesssarily the primary attribute in attraction.

    Carriage, power, confidence, wealth, and who knows how many others factors contribute?

    An Orc Goddess might not be beautiful in orc standard terms but represent an ideal. Do you think Mick Jagger is the most handsome of men? Granted men are far more invested in beauty than women but take a hard look at Angelina Jolie. Not a pretty girl. Sexy, yes. Pretty, hardly. Its carriage, attitude, behavior, and the intangibles.


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    I agree. Angelinas beauty is not of the conventional type but then I always went for the unconventional in the same way I prefered Willow to Buffy and reckoned that Liusa Kudrow was the prettiest of the Friends cast

    So yes carriage, personality and prescence have a lot to do with physical attraction.That still doesn’t make Shathis’ point invalid

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    Still, we’re talking about humans to humans, here. I’m on Balazaar’s side here because unlike elves, dwarves really don’t have a history (nor have the ability as far as I know) to either breed with or marry with humans. It would seem to me that aside from a number of distinct similarities, a dwarf would be as close to a human as a gorilla might be. 🙂 I know this seems like a silly discussion, and yeah – it was kinda started that way too. But I’m glad you’re all replying. It’s a hoot.

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    First off, sorry about starting a new thread. I clicked New Topic instead of Post Reply.

    I agree that it is an interesting philosophical debate. I hope I conveyed that in my first message in the other thread. I’m not sure there is a right or wrong here. Valid or invalid as the case may be.

    I do think power is a strong part of attraction and a Goddess has got that in spades. As long as we are talking about gorilla and human interaction … was I the only one who found Helena Bonham Carter a bit sexy in Planet of the Apes (2001)?

    Ok, now it is getting sick!!


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    Shathis wrote:
    You appreciate the beauty of the animal because it’s clearly a good example of its species. But you’re not going to find it hot, ya know? 🙂

    Clearly you haven’t met some of our sheep farmers down here in the good ol’ southern U.S. 😯

    Really, though, isn’t cross-species attraction a mainstay of fantasy storytelling? King Kong, Creature From The Black Lagoon, etc. Even the Greek myths and such are littered with stuff like Leto and The Swan.(never could get a fix on how that one worked.) Or look what the film The Company of Wolves did with the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

    In most of these type stories, the cross-species attraction usually comments on something about our own human nature and it’s inner workings (temptation, etc.). So, maybe the earlier comment that this says something about the way Balazaar’s mind works was on track.

    (Man, are we carrying this to the extreme, or what? We keep this up, ol’ Balazaar may start watching what he says. Nah, never happen.)

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    There are many examples of half human hybrids in fantasy and in sci-fi, but strangely few combos of other races. So we have half-elves, half-orcs in Dark Sun there were Half-Giants and half-dwarfs (muls) In star Trek half-vulcans and half-Klingons.

    I think that the only conclusion that can sensibly be drawn is that some humans will shag anything 😉 .

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