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    By Shawn Carman

    The night air was crisp in the Western Wastes. It was ironic, given the sweltering heat that was still present even in the middle of the night only a short distance to the south. Doubtless the hopelessly primitive Rokugani would ascribe it to the spirits or some such, but Legulus, once of the Yodotai, once of the Destroyer Horde, knew that here in the Wastes, the ground simply could not retain the heat of the day, ensuring the evenings were cool and pleasant. The samurai were a hopelessly backwards, superstitious people. Even if vengeance did not burn at the center of his being, even if it did not consume his every waking moment, he would still consider it his duty to see them scourged from the face of the world. It was the responsibility of reasoned, learned men to ensure that ignorance did not prevail.


    Legulus turned toward his subordinate. “Yes?”

    “The ritual has been completed, my lord. You bade me seek you out when it had been done?”

    “Yes,” Legulus replied. “If all appears to have been successful, have the cultists executed immediately.”

    The man hesitated for only a moment. “Yes, praefectus.” He turned to leave.

    “Aulus,” Legulus called after him. “You have doubts?”

    “Never,” the other man replied at once. “Your order was… unexpected. But it shall be done.”

    “See it so,” Legulus nodded, and the other man retreated. What seemed like a lifetime ago, after the Cult of Ruhmal had enacted their ritual binding his allegiance to their dark goddess, Legulus had assisted in the devastation of the Ivory Kingdoms. He had seen the many terrible beasts the cult had locked away with wards and rituals, intending to use them later as weapons. Now they would all be freed, and the Rokugani would suffer for their temerity. Legulus may not have chosen to serve Kali-Ma of his own free will, but that did not lessen his rage over her death. So few men were privileged to serve a goddess, and the Rokugani had taken that away from him.

    With the beasts and demons freed, the Colonies would be in turmoil. And if the Colonies were in turmoil, then Legulus would have greater freedom to strike. He would teach the samurai what it meant to know fear. He would kill a Clan Champion. The first of many.

    Legulus tossed the scroll into the fire. On it, the image sketched by his scouts in the south began to blacken and burn. The image was that of the personal mon of the Lion Clan Champion. He tightened his grip on his gladius as the screams of the cultists sounded through the camp.

    “Vengeance,” he whispered under his breath.


    Gates of Chaos is the latest expansion for the Legend of the Five Rings CCG and represents the culmination of several different storylines that have been running throughout Emperor Edition. Foremost among these is the conflict between the forces of the Colonies and the continuing influence of P’an Ku, the mad dragon. With P’an Ku’s influence revealed and the complication of the Fudo cult, the situation in the Colonies has been steadily deteriorating for some time, culminating in the events of Coils of Madness and the massive riots that plagued the Second City earlier this summer.

    Designing the story for an expansion like this one is a difficult proposition, because often times its release coincides with the very events it is attempting to depict. Gates of Chaos is intended to serve as the general conclusion of the Colonies’ struggle with both P’an Ku and Fudo’s influence, but of course the actual conclusion of that struggle will be dictated by the events of GenCon, where the set is debuting. Nevertheless, the set attempts to deal with as much of the build-up toward that conclusion as possible, with the intention for the actual conclusion itself to take place in our website fictions, which has become the norm for such events.

    In addition to the events of the primary storyline, however, Gates of Chaos also serves to advance a number of secondary plots and stories, as well as introducing new ideas that will be pursued in subsequent expansions as well as into the next base set. Despite that the Great Clans know P’an Ku’s influence has greatly impacted their conflicts in the Colonies, not all members of the clan delegations in that land are willing to completely abandon their conflicts, and the lingering issue of the gaijin artifact known as the Blood of the Destroyer continues to exacerbate relations and threatens to cause an entirely new rash of conflicts to erupt.

    Finally, Gates of Chaos is host to a slew of new experienced personalities as well as personalities with the Fallen trait. Unlike Coils of Madness, the Fallen personalities in this set represent actual characters in the current timeline who have succumbed to P’an Ku’s influence. Likewise, those who appear as experienced personalities are those who have risen above the influence of external forces and seek to honor their clan with their service even in the face of adversity. Even when the divine and the heretical assault them, the samurai of the Great Clans push onward.


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