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    With Gates of Chaos, we are introducing two new mechanics; Destined and Invest. By doing so, our goal is to continue to expand our range and design space with cards, as well as create some new interesting mechanics for the Gates of Chaos environment and beyond.


    Everyone likes to draw cards, and now with Destined, this is a value we can add to cards that enter play more regularly. Turning an ability into a keyword allows us more freedom in its application and helps us make sure that the balance remains the same across the board. Here is what I mean by this.

    If we were to not have the Destined keyword, but instead just an ability to draw a card when that particular card entered play, and then we put that ability on cards all throughout a set as we have done in Gates of Chaos (and will continue to do in future expansions), players might grumble that we are not innovating enough, repeating the same ability over and over again.

    On top of this, every time a player would encounter one of these cards, he would need to read the ability, until he’d memorized said card. However, people will quickly learn what Destined does, and as such, will not need to memorize a bunch of abilities.

    Finally this also allows us to be more liberal with its implementation, as now it is simply another keyword at our disposal to make a card more interesting than it might otherwise be. A vanilla Personality, that is a Personality without abilities, may not be terribly exciting, but give him the Destined keyword, and suddenly you have an interesting Personality. As I said above, everyone loves drawing cards.

    This also allows us to showcase the availability of card draw coming through in the Ivory Edition environment. In times past, in slower environments, one reality that often held true was a low amount of card draw. At some points in the game’s history, card draw was nearly non-existent.

    This is not something we want for Ivory Edition, we want plenty of options for drawing cards, but we want to make sure it is at a fair price and done properly. So instead of drawing cards for free or little cost, as has been historically true in higher power environments, drawing and cycling cards will more frequently be tied to the Destined and Kharmic keywords (the latter of which was introduced in Coils of Madness), both of which come with a fair price tag.


    The second mechanic introduced in Gates of Chaos is Invest, a mechanic that increases flexibility based on your gold situation and the game state at the time. Invest will allow you to pay an optional cost upon a card entering play in order to make it better.

    This allows a lot of flexibility to the player to tailor a card based on the game state at the time. Especially as we enter Ivory Edition, where a card’s Force becomes more and more relevant, what you need out of a card can vary greatly from one game to the next and even one turn to the next.

    So perhaps you are presented with an option where you can either purchase two Personalities, or you can purchase one and pay his Invest cost in order to give him some more Force. Your opponent could end up in a couple different situations based on your decision making regarding this mechanic. Sometimes decks are better at handling one large Personality rather than two smaller ones, in which case you would not want to pay the Invest cost. Other times though, an opponent might be able to deal with a couple smaller Personalities, but may have a tougher time dealing with a single, larger Personality. In this scenario, you can pay that Invest cost, make your Personality larger, and create a better game state for yourself.

    In other situations, it can simply be a matter of when the Personality shows up. Early in the game when a player’s economy is not as developed, they may have less gold and not be able to afford an Invest cost, in which case you can simply bring in the smaller version of the card. However later in the game, when one’s economy is stronger, often coupled with fewer Provinces to spend gold on, a player may find themselves with the gold to spare, so paying the Invest cost is not a problem at all.

    This added flexibility of Invest makes it a really interesting mechanic. It is similar to being able to play two cards in a single card slot, and then being able to choose which version of the card best suits your needs when you get it.

    The addition of Destined and Invest to the game is creating very interesting game states and mechanics that we are really excited about. They leave you with interesting deck choices as well as interesting play choices.

    Do I put this Personality with an ability into my deck, or do I play with the Destined Personality instead? An on board ability is always nice, but battles and games can be won or lost based on the number of cards in your hand.

    Do I pay the Invest cost and go with fewer, but more powerful cards? Or do I not Invest and get a smaller card, but have more gold to spend elsewhere? These are just some of the choices you will be making with the introduction of these new mechanics.

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    This is not something we want for Ivory Edition


    Does the PETA know what you’re printing your cards on? 😮

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    I used to love the L5R card game. I have a kick ass Scorpion clan deck that just moved honour around (mostly to me) 🙂


    Hal :hal:

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