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    I’ve just started running a game of WLD, and the question of how to manage experience is a big one. Currently what we are doing is taking the experience granted for an encounter and dividing it by two before handing it out.

    The book says though by the end of the first region you will have enough for level 8…that means I would need to divide it by 9 to give them the right amount by the end. But I don’t know if each area is balanced the same. Part of the fun of D&D is experience from kills. Our group usually awards levels at times appropriate to the story we are running. Playing WLD we wanted a chance to change our style of play and enjoy the pure D&D hack n’ slash type game. That includes handouts of XP for overcoming monsters, etc.

    So, those of you who have played, or played more than us – how do you manage experience and levels?

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    The way Hal has been managing the XP is the standard D&D 3.5 way – you get what you’re entitled to. However, that made us quite powerful when we went into the next region (level 5 or 6 for a level 4-6 part of the dungeon), but it seemed to level itself out. By the time we got to mid-way through the second region we were 7th level, and the encounters were quite a way beneath us, and we bypassed a lot of them (or Hal had the monsters run away so we never encountered them!!). The other reason we seem to be fair on the old XP front is that we have some NPC’s with us – they are taking from our full XP totals and, as usual, are only getting a half share. This seems to be moderating the XP haul quite well.

    Our party is one of four players, but has so far fluctuated between four and eight for a goodly portion of the dungeon to date.

    So, the standard XP awarding system seems to be working (for us at any rate) so far. We’ll let you know if this changes 😀

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    I’ve seen a few groups have awarded XP based on the Encounter Level of the … encounter as opposed to the CR of each individual monster. For Region A I awarded 1/2 XP for set encounters and 1/4 XP for traps and random encounters, it worked not too badly.

    RE: the XP leeches, I believe the DMG talks about awarding 1/2 XP to NPC’s but awarding the other 1/2 to the players. So if you get 1000 XP total, you’d divide that by 5 (I’m up to session 8 so it’s only Boyikt as an NPC) to get 200 XP each, with 100 XP going to the NPC, then you’d divide the remaining 100 XP by 4 for a final reward of 225 XP to each character and 100 XP to the leech.

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