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    The wonderland of Euro boardgames is almost upon us! People are coming from all over to premier their new stuff. Rpgs are less heavily represented, but I know that Flying Buffalo Inc, Grey Ghost Press, Pegasus, Chessex and Cubicle 7 will be there.

    So will I. 


    Anyone else going?

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    Me, probably. As long as I can get at least one of my friends to share the train cost!

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    I was discussing this only moments ago. Seriously considering booking for next year.

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    It comes highly recommended. 🙂


    If you see a fat guy with glasses and beard, that’s me.  :ph34r:

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    After long hours in the claws of Deutsche Bahn, I give you:


    Towards a dictionary of words and phrases for the foreign traveler on German trains, and in German train stations.


    5 Minuten Verspätung: Time is an illusion. The truth is a chasm.


    Brezel: A large, misspelled pretzel. Vaguely nourishing.


    EinzelTicket: We pass this way but once.


    Essen Hauptbahnhof: A marvel of lights, commerce and humanity in motion. An elaborate mirage of Dunkin Donuts and Subways for which you will never have time.


    Fahrkarte: The straw to which you must cling. The road map to your destination. Also a document of dubious authority.


    Gleis: A raised horizontal surface on which to drink Lift (see: Lift) and feel ennui beating your psyche like an incontinent poodle.


    Hamburg Hauptbahnhof: An acoustic space where no sound is ever lost, thus no missive may be accurately understood.


    Lautsprecherdurchsage: Disembodied metallic voices. Their source or truthfulness is impossible to ascertain. 


    Lift: The apples of Iðunn, tempered by a bit of fizzy water.


    Pünktlichkeit: The idea that things happen when they happen.


    Reservierung: The thought that, somewhere, there is a place for you. A frankly childish notion which is best abandoned.


    Wagenreihungsplan: An anatomical model of the great beast in whose stomach we hope to one day sit.


    Wir wünschen Ihnen eine angenehme Reise: The hope that things will improve. Blessed are those who believe and have not seen.

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    Lift: The apples of Iðunn, tempered by a bit of fizzy water.

    Did you enjoy a lovely currywurst with that? 🙂


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    Heh, no I missed out there. 🙂

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