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    Read more about Epic PVP at this link.

    Q: Some Move cards have more than one Attack and/or more than one Defense, how do these work?

    A: The rules are that only one Defense can block one Attack (not one card can block one card). So if you play the High Elf Dance of Blades card with it’s two Attacks of 3, your opponent will need to play two Defenses of 3 or higher to stop this card from doing damage. Each unblocked Attack does 1 Damage. Your opponent may use Blocks from two different Move cards if they want to block either of these Attacks. Of course, if your opponent has plays the Dark Elf Steel Dervish card with it’s three Blocks of 4, that one card can block both of the Attacks from Dance of Blades and still block another one of your Attacks of 4 or less!

    Q: I don’t get the High Elf Ability.

    A: The High Elf ability is all about options when deciding how many cards to draw. One of the biggest decisions in Epic PvP is how many cards to draw, because you have to declare how many you are going to draw, then draw that many. The High Elf power lets you declare and then draw as normal, then after you look at those cards, you may choose to draw another 1 or 2 cards from your aggression pile. This lets you draw a smaller number of cards, then react to those cards by drawing more or not. This is a VERY powerful ability!!!

    Q: I have some timing questions, when do things happen?

    A:  Here is a list of all of the phases and sub-phases for the game. Most cards will have a specific time when they happen.

    1. Aggression

      1. After Aggression

    2. Draw

      1. After Draw
      2. Before playing Moves

    3. Play Moves

      1. After playing Moves

    4. Assign Block

      1. After Blocking
      2. When Damage

    5. End Phase

    Q: What are the Halfling tokens for?

    A: They are not needed at all. We changed some cards during development and forgot to take the tokens off the token sheet!

    Q:  Some cards allow player to take cards from other players. If I steal a card that creates a token (like the card that gives a player a Decept token), can I use the token even though I’m not that Race?

    A: Nope. You need to be that race to use the token. You do get the token though, which could keep it from your opponent. Now if you are also playing the class/race that the token came from, you can use it (this would only happen if you have more than one set of the game of course (which would make you even more awesome).

    Q: I have heard there is an Epic PvP: Magicrelease coming. What is that all about?

    It will be coming out late in 2016. It will include a bunch of magical Races and Classes and special rules for how magic works in Epic PvP. It has not been decided yet if it’ll be launched via Kickstarter or released directly to retail. Check back later for more info.

    Q: Where can I get one of those really cool boxes that were initially sent to Kickstarter backers?

    A: There are a few extra copies. They will be available through future Fun to 11 Kickstarter campaigns and at any trade show that Fun to 11 goes to while supplies last, and we don’t have many. Look for us at PAX East, we’ll save some copies for there for sure.

    Q:  I saw some images of PvP cards that featured Valentines Day themed imagery. I think it was called “Hug Life.” What was that all about and where can I get them?

    A: Those were cards we made as Print and Play cards during the campaign. We only made them available for a short time, so sadly, they are no longer available. (They weren’t exactly “balanced” anyway – more of a fun “wahoo” thing we did as a goof).

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