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    The Hall make the THUNDEROUS return with a little Dream Park 🙂

    Dream Park: The Big Zombie Pirate Game Session 01

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    BigJackBrass wrote:
    Dream Park: The Big Zombie Pirate Game session 01


    The Whartson Hall Aethernauts take time out to visit an amusement park, as they play a group of people going to Dream Park in order to play characters in a role-playing game… With little idea of what they might face other than the name of the game they prepare to enter a world where nothing is real. And when nothing is real, everything might be… or something like that.

    Played using the Dream Park RPG from R. Talsorian Games, now out of print but widely available on the secondhand market.

    Intro and Outro pieces used with kind permission of Professor Elemental.

    The Players:

    Jon: The GM and Dennis (the GM inside the park)

    Amelia: Zatanna, Warrior Woman of the Wastes

    Mark: Marvin the Magnificent

    Nick: Ron Jambo

    Community Podcast Updated!

    Hal :hal:

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    • Owlbear

    Welcome back!

    I used to have a copy of this back in the eighties. Great to hear it having an outing.

    Thanks Hal for posting and hosting! That posting was particularly fast! 8)

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    • Drider

    Oh so exciting thank you Hal and WHG I cannot wait to start listening. 😀

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    • Gelatinous Cube

    I used to GM this in the way back. Was great for meta-genre games. Ran the Big Zombie Pirate game a couple of times too.

    My only gripe with the system was the way they handled magic was so out of keeping with the books, and pretty underpowered compared with points buying gear. Every now and then I look at re-writing it using either Fuzion, or more recently Savage Worlds to make it less clunky.

    Great to see someone else playing what is a wonderful setting (and great fun for GM’s with a devious turn of thought. 😀 )

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    It’s a game with a lot going for it, but oh my it would have been so much better given a second edition. There are definite mechanical flaws (if you’re trying to do something and don’t have the skill then the last-ditch option is to roll a d6 and hope you succeed… but the minimum number required to perform the easiest task is 7…) and quite a few typos (the same weapon given different damage ratings in the text compared to the table; and the symbol for rolling a single die is a picture of two dice, which confuses everyone) and unbalanced options, but on the whole it does the job with considerable style. It’s a pity we didn’t get to see a more polished revision. They never even tried to come up with a way of balancing superpowered characters against everyone else, which does cause problems in a mixed group.

    I’ve also looked at using Fuzion, but it requires a fair bit of work to offer the same options. I think that Fudge is probably the simplest approach, or just botch the few rough points in Dream Park and stick with the original system.

    Incredibly, despite running The Big Zombie Pirate Game a few times over the last twenty years this is the first time I’ve had players make it more than half way through the adventure. Maybe I’m growing soft and sentimental in my old age… Where’s that copy of Grimtooth’s Traps and my random hit-location die? 😀

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    “Soft and sentimental”? Not if session 2’s anything to go by! 😉

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    I love the meta aspects of Dreampark roleplay. Always wanted to give it a try and never got the chance, so thanks for sharing your play. Most enjoyable.

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    • Thri-kreen

    This was quite funny to listen to. The name “Ron Jambo” triggered an “All Night Long” earworm….

    For some perverse reasons, I love listening to trainwrecks. Nothing has topped the first BURPS Adventure! episode, though.

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