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    So, since there’s an Uncle Hal wanting me to post on the forums, I figured I’ll start a new thread and try to get my post count up.


    Custom Modules! Let’s talk about ’em! I’ll start;

    My younger brother and I are currently writing a module guide for a Bloodborne setting for 5th Ed D&D. It’s an extremely low magic setting with limited class and race selection and cranked up difficulty, though we’re wondering if we shouldn’t just make it a general Souls module and let people decide if they want Dark Souls, Demons Souls, or Bloodborne settings. 


    It’s still early in the development process; My younger brother wants to be a game designer so we’re using this as a learning tool for him.


    How about the rest of you? Any exciting custom modules? Or even just interesting campaign settings?

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    • Owlbear

    I think the one that I helmed that I found most personally interesting was when I got it into my head that 4th edition DnD would be the perfect shell for an anime-inspired mech combat system. I had piles of notes detailing the different mechanics that fighting in/around giant robotic suits would bring, minion rules for unsuited pilots, and a bunch of worldbuilding. What I didn’t have were players who were nearly as enthusiastic as I was.


    Other than that I typically don’t build modules for my group, although i put enough effort into my first custom Call of Cthulhu adventure that I probably could.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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