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    We’re part-way through section A.

    Collective thoughts on WLD – mine as the GM, and comments from the players;

    – Basic dungeon structure is moderately well designed but e.g. dead-end corridors lack a sense of genuine thought behind it.

    – The common observation that there’s insufficient variety of foes here. Like most GMs I’m adding in other creatures. The “flying octopus” attacks are so frequent that my group have daggers strapped to their heads to give a darkmantle a less comfortable perching place when they attack!

    – There’s too much stuff already dead! On the other hand, there’s a distinct lack of interest in talking to the humanoids to find out what’s happening – Orghar had a short conversation before an attempt to backstab him.

    – I am making them track food and light. IMO the kobolds, orcs etc. must be eating, so they’re tending to find dried “meat” on them to nab. Any fiendish stuff smells very sulphurous if they try and cook it. Apparently giant centipede is tasty.

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    I think the whole point behind the dea ends was to confuse the prisoners when the dungeon was originally built.Mind you that doesn’t make much sense when the place is inescapable anyway.

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    I’m not sure how the road systems in Europe work, but over here in the states, especially in the area I live in, we have lots of roads going nowhere that were put there for future expansion.

    I’ve no idea if that’s what the WLD authors had in mind, but it’s as good an excuse as any. 😕

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    Personally I traded out many encounters to add some variety.

    Some of my substitutions were…

    Fiendish Viper Swarm

    Fiendish Stirge Swarm

    Fiendish Wolverine

    Fiendish Frogkin (SP? – Frogmen from Blackmoor)

    As a DM I just got sick of darkmantles and Rat Swarms…

    Other than that I thought the Region was OK.

    As to attack VS. talk, my group decided that anything in the area had to be evil and should be killed so missed out on many clues as to what is going on.


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    Fiendish Scarab swarm (think The Mummy) could be good to and I finally get a use for the hordes of Fiendish Dire Weasels I got from D&D Miniatures Boxes

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