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    Awkward Heather is Awkward and has a thing to say!

    Forgive me if a chunk of this sounds blunt, but I need to get it out there. I don’t know if this’ll make people mad at me, or happy, or something; I just apologize in advance… So here we go!

    From what I learned in prior months, it takes a permanent residency 15 months to process when a potential citizen chooses the marriage route when Canadian law is concerned. Granted, this is based off of one of my fiance’s coworker’s experience, but it’s roughly what we’re expecting.

    So, Lockhart and I are technically eloping just to get the legal stuff underway and into the processing pot. I need to get a physical done, submit my fingerprints to the FBI and all sorts of things for my residency to pass. The first step is getting the marriage licencing thing out of the way and go through the other red-tapped layers. While that’s happening, I’ll be returning to the states for 12/15 of those months, working and saving up what I can before I move up there on a permanent basis.

    This is merely, solely, and absolutely to get the legal stuff out of the way! There’s going to be a proper ceremony the following year around the anniversary date (which will be the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend awesomely enough <3 ). It’ll have the bells and whistles, all within reason of course, dresses, brides maids, a long guest list, the works, I promise!

    This weekend, the licence will be officiated to be processed this weekend (Oct. 10th). I was a total dweeb and thought to keep it to myself because I thought since we’re going to continue the fiance mentality about it, it wasn’t going to be that important. However, I’m finally brave enough to post it publicly and not rely on my mom to test the social-waters for me. Secrets and me don’t really get along anyhow. >.>;

    On a plus note, we figured out a Save the Date, which I believe would fall on October 9th, 2016. I’ll be making the adorable invites and reminders to people, I’ll be working in the states to save up for a trip to see my buddy Starry and attend her wedding that June, then I’ll be saving up for my own that following October. That’s the plan anyway.

    Oh! Fun fact about the province I’m in: Saskatchewan’s civil ceremonies do not take place in a court room as many people in the United States would expect. In fact, the civil ceremonies take place in Funeral Homes instead! I kid you not, it’s an honest to the cosmos fact. Our Officiator is going to be a Funeral Director, isn’t that awesome? I always wanted to be part of the Adams Family. 🙂

    Hey! At least you know it’s going to look pretty when it happens. It’s just a building..that usually has coffins in it, but it’s fine! I honestly love the quirkiness of it. There is such humor and irony in it, it’s glorious, I’m going to love every moment of it and finally have a positive emotion when it comes to a funeral home (Lord knows I’ve been to plenty of funerals).

    Moving on:

    My mom expressed me an assortment of flowers I’ll be using for a bouquet too, because she’s awesome. I arranged them myself and so far I’m happy with it.


    Orange Lilies: The Flower of Saskatchewan, Lockhart’s Home. Who is a growing center of my universe for following years to come.

    Five Blue Bonnets: The state flower for Texas, my Home. Five because of the points of “The Lone Star” on our flag. And for balance reasons.

    Two Yellow Roses: Also a symbol of Texas, they were also a theme to my mother’s wedding to my father, to represent friendship.

    Pictures will be taken and shared the following weekdays, I swear to you all.

    #I’m a goth wannabe #long post #getting married #heather in canada #pls don’t hate me

    Preemptive congratulations, you two! 😀

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    Congratulations!  Having nearly enjoyed 10 years with my wife I can say the best is yet to come 🙂

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    Congratulations!  Having nearly enjoyed 10 years with my wife I can say the best is yet to come 🙂

    FIngers crossed for the upcoming years indeed! Thank you so much

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    On a related note:

    Happy wedding anniversary, Sophie & @[member=”The_Nalic”], and May the Fourth be with you! 😀


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