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    File Name: Castles and Crusades Session 01

    File Submitter: ThistledownJohn

    File Submitted: 28 Apr 2012

    File Category: Castles and Crusades

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    We begin an adventure in the Fellstone Valley

    Click here to download this file

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    I just pulled this from the archive and enjoyed it immensely. Shame it seems to have petered out, but I’m going to check some of your guys’ longer running games now; I hadn’t listened to any Thistledown recordings before now. (I really enjoyed the intro blurb, and normally I hate those).

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    The Characters:
    Linnaeus, Human Wizard – Dan
    Uric Proudfoot, Halfling Ranger – Scott
    Mort, Half-Orc Fighter – Tony
    Belcher Smith, Human Fighter – Gregg
    Tanir Dolion, Elf Knight – Drew
    Vallic Ashbrook, Human Cleric – Nathan
    GM and most notably, Mystic, Linnaeus’ raven familiar – John

    Hey @[member=Solysp], if you’re looking for more old-school audio from the Thistledunians, check out their Keep on the Borderlands recordings; there’s only two episodes, but it’s their latest game, so it might be ongoing, and it’s certainly lots of fun, they’re clearly enjoying the game.

    The Crusaders! is a HERO System superhero game that also resulted in some great audio from the group, although it appears that only the first session has been moved out from the Patron section to the general public.

    In fact, the same problem seems afflict a lot of their campaigns – for example, there are five recorded sessions of their Castles & Crusades campaign available in the Patron section, but only two of them have been released to the community section. @[member=”Hal”] and @[member=”ThistledownJohn”] might want to look into that. 😉

    Alternatively, you could always think about becoming a Patron, and getting immediate access to those juicy hidden files. 😉 Just to tempt you, here’s a teaser comment that someone posted after they’d listened to episode 4:

    So basically, the players are confounded by the Horta from the old Star Trek episode, “The Devil in the Dark”? Cool.

    And darn you, John, now you’ve got me working on integrating WoW-style auction houses and socketable items into 3.5!

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    Thanks for the heads up, I’m working my way through The Purifiers right now, hopefully when I get to the end of that Keep has a few more episodes. I would appreciate it if the Patron only stuff gets moved out to the general public if they’ve been available for a while.


    Being a contrarian, I refuse to become a patron based mostly on the fact that someone tells me to do so every time I come out of lurking to post 😛 (more seriously I really should, but I am, as they say le poor).

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    Sorry for sounding like a cheesy salesperson @[member=”Solysp”], and trying to force the Patron stuff down your throat. 🙁

    However, even if you can’t afford to donate money to the site, @[member=”Hal”] and the other site contributors tend to get really happy when people respond to their work and comment on the episodes. (That’s probably true of all people, though – people like getting recognition and constructive criticisms for their efforts.) So they’ll no doubt be very grateful if you’d continue posting some more. 🙂


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