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    Jess: “What time of day is it?”

    Matt: “Let’s say… Around 8:30, getting on evening.”

    Jess: “Okay.”

    Matt: “No, no, no – let’s say it’s 8:37.”

    Jess: *Laughs* “Wow, I can tell the time very well.” 🙂

    Danny: “Dat high Wisdom.”

    Matt: “I like to be precise.”


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    Alex: “Well, considering the only other person there right now is ranger girl and halfling boy…”
    Hal: “Halfling boy?!”
    Danny: “Ranger girl and halfling boy?!”
    Nikki: “We sound like a super hero duo!” 🙂
    Matt: “That is so a comic book!”
    Danny: “I just decided: I hate you more than I hate Scaly, Alex.”



    Matt: “He stands with his fists on his hips – no, sorry…”

    Danny: “Fists on his weasel!”


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    Later on, a female bard starts regaling the tavern’s patrons with her sweet danceable tunes:

    Nikki: “And haow drunk am Ah, at this point?”
    Matt: “You’re probably at the ‘numb cheeks’ phase.”
    Nikki: “Okay, Ah’m dancing.” *Giggle*
    Matt: “If she’s dancing by herself, that shirt’s coming off! Oh, sorry.”



    Ranger Girls Gone Wild. 🙂

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    Matt: “And of course, she follows it up with something sad and melancholy in a different language.”

    Nikki: “Then Ah guess Ah’ll hit the hay.”

    Jereme: “Roll d6 for which room she walks in on!”

    Danny: “Hahaha! The next day, Ranger Girl wakes up with Desmond – and the halfling!”

    Hal: “Yuuup, and a big smile on her face – don’t forget the weasel.”

    Danny: “And we’re not talking about Seth.”


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    Next morning, breakfast is served:

    Matt: “Bit of a buffet, fruits and cheeses and y’know… small pots of weak tea.”

    Nikki: “Vitlimbs!”

    Matt: “What?”

    Danny: “Wha?!”

    Matt: “Oh, vittles!

    Danny: “And for non-Americans… what?”

    Matt: “Food.”

    Danny: “Oh – why didn’t you just call it fuckin’ “food”?!”

    Matt: “I’m on that …I have neighbors who may-or-may-not be their own fathers, and I’ve never heard them say ‘vittles’.”

    Hal (sitting in Texas): “You wanna come down here.”

    Nikki: “And when you’re sleeping, do they offer you a ‘pillar’?” 🙂


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