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    I was wondering if anyone else on here had heard of or plays a game called Miles Bornes. It’s a game that somewhat simulates a car race and is played using an interesting set of cards. I learned the game online, and have been scouring my particular neck of the woods for it for the better part of a year with no success. Any assistance on where to look would be appriciated.

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    A friend of mine had it and we used to play when I was a kid… which meant that was about a billion years ago. (A bonus was the cards were in English and French so it was educational as well as fun. :roll:) I get the feeling it went through a bunch a printings as it is a pretty old game. You may have luck finding it at some of the ‘mass market’ joints. Maybe Toys ‘r’ Us? Wal-mart?

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    House of Cards

    Hope that helps 😀

    Hal :hal:

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    I love that game, it is orignally a French Canadian Game and that is why it is available with the cards in french and english.

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