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    Okay, my friends and I were just watching the movie ‘PI’ where a man learns the true name of god through a mathmatical equation and such. Then Thaddius of my forums asks simply,

    “What would learning the true name of god be for your sanity loss…”

    Well, I was wondering if anyone here knew, because it is a good question.

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    I suppose it depends on how much you already knew about the god in question. If you had been reading about some nasty great interstellar beastie with halitosis who listened to Kylie records 😯 , and then found its true name it might send you over the edge simply to receive proof of its existence.

    Otherwise, it might unnerve you find that the thing the natives called “The Great Mango Head” was actually the same god that you had been running from for the last ten years. I suppose that is more sanity loss through potential consequence than actual knowledge of the name, though…. 🙄

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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