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    James wrote:
    Interesting concept I wonder if we could get Hal to run a one off of this sometime.

    If this is what Jess has been rattling on about for the past fortnight, you’re likely to see us do it soon enough — just to shut her up 😀

    Naw, we’re planning to run a monthly Indie-Review game, so if the others are willing I might just pick this as our first review. Any game were I can pretend to be a god of Death is right up my street!

    “Let the earth burn!”

    Danny :plot:

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    Whoot! All hail the Death God 😆

    Although my version isn’t exactly the same as Dawn of Worlds. It’s more based on the message board game I used to play…

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    centauri wrote:
    How about a world in which the baddies have won? Either they took over the surface, darkening it and reshaping it to their tastes while banishing the surface dwellers underground, or they made the surface the crap place to live and made their subterranean warrens hip and cool. Either way, most of the “nice” races are as reviled as kobolds and goblins, and the party’s dungeon raids are seen as marauding by lesser races.

    I really like the idea of the aboveground being the hostile place with the underground being the only safe place, although I would probably keep the surface landscape the same or maybe brighter just to offset the danger of it.

    Maybe the surface is so dangerous that the lesser evil races have set up some sort of truce or alliance with the traditional good races (racial emnity goes out the window when you’re all about to die). Lets face facts humans and elves aren’t renowned for their digging skills how would they escape without some help?

    overground would still be the fastest way to travel to most places, so some brave fools may try it, and there would still be plunder up there to be had.

    All that leaves you with is what is so damned scary that everyone is hiding? Some sort of flying enemy? Something invisible in sunlight? Something that needs sunlight to live, a plant like a triffid maybe? Most of the animals suddenly turn bad? All of the above? Heh or maybe the elves just suddenly went really really bad, just like the dark fey of legend.

    In all those cases maybe the rest of the world is thriving because of the lack of human influence?

    I highly recommend reading The Death Gate Cycle (“Dragon Wing” being the first book) by the infamous “Weis and Hickman” there are at least 5 excellent worlds imagined in that series.

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    madmax wrote:
    hello all, im looking for advise on make a new world, im looking for ideas for a crazy fantasy world with all races. more of a forgotten realms typeish, but all ideas are very welcome! thank you very much

    If you are looking for a “all races”, “all ideas”, campaign example for inspiration I would suggest GURPS Banestorm. The basic idea is that everything is in a parallel world. LOTR, WOW, FR, Greyhawk, Car Wars, Wild West, WWII, etc. all in one campaign.

    Since you want to make your own “crazy” campaign, start with a basic campaign with all the elements you want and “twist” each one.

    Example 1: “You are surrounded with what looks like an Amazon rain forest, except all the trees are purple.”

    Let the players know they are not in Kansas anymore.

    Example 2: “Up ahead you see what looks like a Dwarf in plate armor, but with a pink mohawk, carrying a warhammer and a shotgun.”

    Destroy the players expectations and stereotypes. Do the same with each campaign element.

    Campaign example: “The country is a feudal state run like an over-sized Renaissance Fair, except all the nobles are Glamazon vampires. ”

    Keep the descriptions >short< and informative. With the above description the players know they are going to have to talk a certain way (huzzah!), it's a matriarchal society, there is a fashion industry, and monsters exist (and probably magic too).

    Campaigns are more then just dates, races, and countries, and boring demographics. Embrace the Great Person theory: NPC’s matter.

    Each NPC should be memorable and be part of the world.

    Example 4: “Splug the goblin goes over to the dead hobgoblin opens the corpses mouth and takes a **** in it, and then careful closes the mouth back up.”

    This quickly establishes the personality of the NPC, and provides color (maybe too much). Give the NPC’s as much flavor as you can but never let the NPC’s “steal the show”. The PC’s are the heroes.

    Never have Mary Sues. If any of your NPC’s look like Gandalf, or can be described as a “brooding hero”, you should probably freed them into the shredder and let the PC’s have the spotlight.

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