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    • Owlbear

    Poor Boyikt…you just had to keep pushing the dwarf….could you not know that centuries of warfare and hatred between the dwarves and the evil underground races would cause a subliminal slip in the mage. The horrors of goblins, orcs and kobolds were told as bedtime stores just before turning out the light at night. Nay, not as much hatred as against the orcs, but the seed was planted very young. Some primative inclination must surely be the clause for the misaim of the fireball.

    heee…Boyikt will be missed…

    On Evil alignments and doing good. As a general rule, most D&D towns, villages, kingdoms are in a lawful neutral or good setting. Society similar to our own but with different techologies. This really causes problems for evil types as they must blend in with the society or risk the wrath of the local constables. We attempted an evil campaign once and our ‘evil’ characters seemed to be concerned more with being lawful and good than our ‘normal’ characters ever did. Everytime we did an evil act we expected a witness in the shadows reporting back to the militia. was really harder to be evil most of the time than good or neutral because society had rules to punish the evil stuff.

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    • Thri-kreen

    Therein lies a problem with alignment, I think…

    Doing something for the good of society is, in essence, an act of good. This can also be said of the selfless care going into, for example, raising a family/child.

    Therefore, how could a natural society of evil-aligned creatures form and continue to function? As a natural social structure, it couldn’t IMO…

    At any rate, we will miss Boyikt, because Balazaar didn’t…

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    • Thri-kreen

    im glad we wont have this problem in our game of WLD, i spiked chained boyikt out of the lands of the living last session without us even talking to him, its great being allied to a pair of lizardfolk. hey paul want to start a “we killed boyikt” club?

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    • Bullywug

    Indeed you did mate

    I am (un 😆 )lucky enough to be the DM for the game n-kun is in, we are all also from BURPS (Bradford University Roleplaying Society) just like the founders of this site

    Poor old Boyikt, barely had a couple of spells been uttered, when some lunatic with a Spiked Chain (aren’t they just wonderfully broken weapons) and a desire for a pair of Kobold skin boots off’d him with brutal abandon.

    As to Balazar I feel that Hal made a fair call given his point of view, indeed I believe that in previous sessions Balazar’s less than good (though hardly evil) tendancies had been discussed in passing. Plus Hals interesting addition to the consequences of Balazar’s actions entertains me greatly… very funny

    Off topic slightly, Paul (Balazar) suggested to me this weekend that there might be some interest in info etc on how my own lovely players and I are approching WLD, I may post up some info if anyone thinks they’d like to see it?

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    • Succubus

    Well, Paul – considering how you play Balazar… I point specifically to the time you were turning into a vargyouile (sp?) and basically Balazar had a hilariously cavalier attitude about it, claiming it was a way to lose weight… strikes me as more a Chaotic Neutral attitude, bordering on insanity. But a funny as hell insanity mind you – still, and considering he wasn’t really all that bothered being branded by Shar seems to add to that. Balazar wouldn’t be right as a bad guy, but a slightly mad bald dwarf is not such a bad thing to have around if you encounter any nasty old kobold wizards.

    Especially ones who worship “twisted Kobold gods”

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    • Orc

    But we haven’t met any nasty old kobold wizards…only young, reforming, vibrant ones who were denied their existance by a cruel hand of fate (and a certain jealous wizard who shall remain nameless)…

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    • Succubus

    Careful now, Steve. Boyikt nearly had a check to see whether or not he was converting Bastion.

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