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    They say imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery, so inspired by the Thousand Thrones podcast I’ve created my own WFRP play podcast. It’s 2nd edition WFRP, but the full episode is now available at



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    Cool 🙂


    Thanks for the link… I love WFRP – I like the dark depressing misery of it all… it fills a GM with power and the players with dread 😀


    Hal :hal:

    Dr Ink’n’Stain
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    Glad I found this, WFRP is likely my most favourite system (and not just because of Skaven…). Got to give these a spin sometime. I still fondly remember the almost-with-power-point-slides presentation about How Bretonnia Is Not Just Empire With Funny Accents our GM gave us before chargen when we were to play the Barony of the Damned.

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    The 9 Most Ridiculous Badasses of the Warhammer Fantasy Game

    Tabletop game maker Games Workshop has announced that the world of its long-running Warhammer Fantasy Battles game is coming to an end, to be replaced by a new setting. With its departure, we have to say goodbye to some over-the-top heroes and villains that made Warhammer so great — and here’s nine of the best.

    It’s bad enough that they missed out on luminaries such as Gotrek & Felix in that list, but it’s a downright atrocity that Lumpin Croop’s Fighting Cocks weren’t featured in the top 3. 😉


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    While on the topic of the new edition, here’s 8 Ridiculous Rules From the New Warhammer Age of Sigmar:

    Marius Leitdorf

    An infamously insane commander who’s also a genius, so obviously…

    The Mad Count: Marius Leitdorf is an
    exceptional swordsman, even if he is totally
    insane. If, during your hero phase, you
    pretend to ride an imaginary horse, you
    can re-roll failed hit rolls for the Averland
    Runefang until your next hero phase. If
    you actually talk to your imaginary horse
    you can re-roll failed wound rolls as well.

    What bonus do I get if I bang two coconuts together?

    Also: you can automatically win the game with a couple of Tomb Swarms?! :O

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    I am very happy that you brought Lumpin Croop into my day.

    I feel extreme ambivilance that age of sigmar is occupying part of ideaspace that once held WFRP. I enjoy WFRP quite a bit. Age of sigmar not so much.

    Dr Ink’n’Stain
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    I haven’t followed the Warhammer metaplot in a long time, and now I feel a hefty dose of ‘get off my lawn’ coming up. Well, most of my remaining WFB stuff is from the third edition era anyway. These days, my miniature gaming needs are fulfilled with Song of Blades and Heroes, so GW can do whatever they like to keep their investors happy.


    As for the audio, these were pretty fun. And the tone was just right, made me want to play WFRP again. Granted, that is not the hardest thing to accomplish, but anyway…

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    As Age of Sigmar is official Baby’s First Warhammer (no tactical depth allowed, no skill required) I fully intend to play it with stuff from the Early Learning Centre. Schliech, £4.95, ready painted. Just glued it down to a 60mm round base, flocked it, and off we go.

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    Hummm…. fascinating… perhaps I should call my agent and rediversify my assets…

    Wait, what’s this? 

    Total War Warhammer?  Ooooh!  When?



    BTW – @[member=”skunner”] I thoroughly enjoyed the podcasts you have released!  Will there be more?

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    BTW – @[member=skunner] I thoroughly enjoyed the podcasts you have released!  Will there be more?

    You could also try contacting him by email (, or on Twitter:

    And if you wish to share the love a little more on Twitter, here are some handy links:

    Dr Ink’n’Stain
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    Thanks for the reminder, I had totally forgotten to tip my hat to @[member=”skunner”].


    As for the article, yeah… I really don’t buy the 20%. Or maybe I just don’t like their figures anymore. I really think there are so much more attractive figures for painters and collectors. And I bet even those that do just buy and collect the GW models, do so for a nostalgia kick for a game they used to play. And if there’s no game today, there will be no nostalgia tomorrow.  

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