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    This is just a suggestion, but thinking upon Ratul – him being such an odd NPC to have along and basically mirroring Feylin’s abilities, I was wondering if it would not be interesting to perhaps have him decide to start leveling as a different character class? I know it might sound odd, and you may have very well killed him off in session 18 (which is near to posting date), but I think he would make a great Paladin of Ilmater. As you’d said… he probably worships Ilmater. I don’t know about most people, but in the games I play I love to have characters that play to their weaknesses in ways that make the experience more unique. In a party as powerful as they are, they can protect him well until he can get powerful enough – and he won’t be stepping on Feylin’s (shaven) halfling toes in doing her job.

    He’s weak and a goblin to boot, but I think that makes him all the more interesting when he decides to take up the Holy Avenger in his god’s name. 🙂

    Also, I think it would be terribly funny to have he and Bastion to argue over “whose god is better”, and try to lecture Balaazar in his squeaky little voice.

    I don’t think his alignment was ever definitively given, after all. He’s a scout, not a thief.

    Just an idea….

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    I was thinking of Hal buying an Elmo puppet. Give him a viking helmet and a toy sword.


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    Whatever you do, keep Ratul’s level a secret!

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