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    The moonlight cast the Fudoist temple in an otherworldly light, one that made it seem less a simple stone building and more like something that had forced its way from one of the distant spirit realms into the mortal world. The flickering of the torches or lanterns or whatever the source of light from within it cast dancing shadows on the walls, making it seem even more like a bastion of spirits, alien to the ways of men. But of course none of that was true. It was just a monastery, a simple temple filled with monks that were mere flesh and blood.

    And tonight those men would be washed from the face of the earth in a tide of their own blood. This was a promise that Shinjo Kinto had made to himself, and to the lord he served. He glanced to the right, where his officers stood silently, waiting for the command. The commander of the Imperial Legion nodded once, slowly, and the signal was given. From their places of concealment surrounding the monastery, his forces rose and charge. In only a few moments, the otherworldly appearance of the temple was washed away with the shouts and deaths of the Fudoists contained within. The mortal realm was sacred once more, such as it could be with such devastating loss of life.

    “Ensure that all documents are inspected before being destroyed,” Kinto commanded his men. “Officers only. If there is anything to be gleaned from their library, the location of any more of their temples or shrines, I wish to know as soon as possible.”

    “Of course, commander,” one of them replied and rode toward the temple to see his command enacted.

    Kinto looked to one of the others. “Watch him,” he commanded. “Do not read the texts yourself, but if he shows any signs of corruption as a result of exposure, spare him the dishonor of their infectious treachery.” The second man rode for after the first, nothing needing to be said between them. Privately, Shinjo Kinto swore that he would see every last member of the Fudo cult eradicated, and perhaps then he would be able to leave the accursed Colonies once and for all. “What a wretched place,” he muttered.


    Aftermath is the final expansion for the Emperor Edition arc of the Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game, and is one of the first to be fully legal for the upcoming Ivory Edition arc. As such, it both concludes a number of storylines that have been growing throughout the Emperor arc and lays the groundwork for some of the more important storylines that will be featured over the course of the new arc.

    The difficult thing about designing the story of Aftermath was that the story was written far in advance of the events it is intended to depict. Given that the primary event at GenCon was intended to resolve the conflict with P’an Ku, Aftermath was created with the assumption that this conflict was by and large resolved by the time it was released, which of course is the case. The conflict with the cult of Fudo, while also emphasized by the events of GenCon, was less directly impacted, and as such takes a bit more center stage in Aftermath. The Great Clans are incensed at having been subverted by the Fudoist philosophies, and they are eager to visit their wrath upon the sect responsible for such treachery. As can be seen from the excerpt of the rulesheet fiction included above, Aftermath depicts a full-fledged pogrom against the Fudoist enclaves identified within the Colonies.

    One of the most significant developments in this expansion is the appearance in card form of the two Imperial heirs that have been present in the story thus far, Iweko Seiken and his younger brother Iweko Shibatsu. It will come as no surprise to those who have been following the story that these two individuals will have a great deal to do with the storyline that unfolds within Ivory Edition, and that story begins in card form within Aftermath. The ultimate fate of the two brothers and how they will impact the precarious balance between the Empire of Rokugan and its Colonies remains to be seen, but that story will begin taking its true shape in the events of Aftermath.

    Finally, as is so often the case with L5R expansions, there are a multitude of cards in Aftermath that are the direct result of various interactive opportunities taken by the players. Celestials, Events, Holdings, Personalities, and virtually everything else in this expansion is directly and immediately impacted by the events of our players.

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