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    Hi folks,


    Last September, our group felt a bit nostalgic and decided to go back to our roots.  Several of us still had worn copies of the first edition AD&D player’s handbook and DM’s Guide, and one of our group offered to DM a session.  He chose for us the module L2 – “The Assassin’s Knot”, an adventure for players levels 1-4.    This is a bit of a murder mystery; less killing and more role playing / investigating.  It runs eight sessions, and I’ll put the others up to Youtube as time permits.  We start with character generation and then jump right into the adventure.






    And here is the link to all of the audio sessions for the adventure.  We decided to keep it going and have moved into The Lost City, which is a more traditional dungeon crawl hack and slash.



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    I like the choice of pics for NPCs 🙂


    Hal :hal:

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    Looks interesting – I will give this a watch and comment later 🙂

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    I listened to the podcasts of this story.  It was enjoyable.  


    I could nitpick audio quality or Bob the rules lawyer but in the overall scheme of things it seemed like the players were having fun and that is what the game is all about!


    On a side note I live close to St. Louis and when the Michael Brown case fallout and riots were mentioned it made me think of all the times we talked about current events around our gaming table.   Most notably the bombing of the London underground and 9/11.

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