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    File Name: A Jolly Proper Adventure Session 01

    File Submitter: Hal

    File Submitted: 23 Oct 2011

    File Category: GURPS

    Genre: Victoriana

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    A few days at Hazelwood Manor, Surrey leading up to a hunting party and strange lights seen in the night sky

    Click here to download this file

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    I wanted to listen to this adventure once again, as I still think of it as one of the gems out there, and figured I’d write something about it, so others who haven’t heard it can enjoy it as well 🙂


    One of the remarkable aspects of this game is, that even listening to character creation (which can be rather dull sometimes) is very exciting. Deciding the setting, setting up the characters to fit in said setting… it’s all very interesting (although I don’t think the character gen session is on the site, which is rather unfortunate).

    Not to give too many spoilers, the games setting is very interesting, especially the transition to action, as things start heating up. I think the pacing was done exceedingly well, with no stretches of boredom at all.


    It’s rather unfortunate, that there isn’t more of it but I guess one can’t have everything.


    Listen to it and I strongly doubt you’d regret it!

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    Cuttings from the Unckton Advertiser:


    Ahh, Chris and his hair-trigger temper. 🙂


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    And who can forget this timeless classic, courtesy of BigJackBrass?



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    Set to the tune of Flash from the band Queen

    Snootington – ah – survivor of his universe

    Snootington – ah – he’ll kill ev’ry one of us

    Hal as a reporter: Seemingly there is no reason for these

    Extraordinary intergalactical upsets (ha ha ha)

    Only Dr. Kensington formerly of Hazelwood Manor

    Has provided any explanation

    Snootington – ah – he’s a miracle

    This mornings unprecedented Red Mist

    Is no cause for alarm

    Snootington – ah – king of the unkillable

    He’s for Ms. Edith

    Stand for himself

    He’ll meat shield with a mighty hand

    Ev’ry man ev’ry woman ev’ry child

    With a mighty flash

    Hal:Ms. Edith, Snootington approaching

    Ms. Edith: What do you mean Snootington approaching?

    Open fire

    All weapons

    Dispatch Mr. Fitz and Arthur to bring back his body

    Snootington – ah

    Snootington’s alive

    Snootington – ah – he’ll save himself before anyone of us

    Just a man with a man’s cowardice

    He knows nothing but a man

    But he can never die

    No one but the yellow in heart

    May find the golden grail oh oh oh oh

    Mr. Niles: Snootington, Snootington, I love you

    But we only have fourteen hours to save the earth


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    10 minutes:

    Hal: “How long have you been the gamekeeper?”

    Chris: “I dunno, ever since I woke up.”

    Hal: “You’re a drunk, aren’t you?” 🙂

    Chris: “I haven’t been a-drunk since breakfast.”

    Hal: “Responsible for the hunting accidental shooting of John Ellington.”

    Chris: “Oi! That was not my fault! I told the boy not to stick his willy in there! Did he listen? No! That is not how you hunt pheasant!” 🙁


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    13 minutes – Goggles is introducing his character, the mad eccentric doctor:

    Goggles: “5’8″, 108 lb.”

    David: “He’s a stick!”

    Lindsay: “Emancipated.”

    Hal: “Emaciated?”


    Lindsay: “Oi! Stop that!” 🙁

    James: “Emancipated means he’s been freed from slavery?”

    Lindsay: “I know, I know!”

    Hal: “He is pretty thin, he’s been chained up for a while!” 😉

    Hal: “As words go, they’re big ones.”

    Lindsay: “At least I know what both words mean!” 🙁

    Ned: “So we call him Beaker.” 😛


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    Hey Hal, what did @[member=”PaulofCthulhu”] and @[member=”Fin”] say, when they found out that you’d turned their wives into serving girls in this campaign? Helen and Imogen, indeed… 😉


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    1 hour, 18 minutes – a 14-year old maid is showing Chris’ gamekeeper her skills:

    Lindsay: “You have crumbs in your beard!”

    Hal: “The maid does your buttons up correctly, zips your fly. “Oh, oh! Hang on, sir – you’ve got a rabbit stuck in your belt.””

    James: “She pulls it out, puts it in a pot.”

    Hal: “Yes sir, I’ll skin that for you.”

    Chris: “Gotta love that girl.” 🙂

    Lindsay: “She’ll make somebody a fiiine wife! Skin a rabbit in 10 seconds.”

    Chris: “Without a knife.”

    Hal: “It still looks surprised when its skin’s pried away from it.” *Does surprised rabbit face*

    Chris: *Explodes with laughter*


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    So this must’ve been recorded in November 2009, yeah? Given that Edward Woodward’s recent death (at the time) was mentioned during the game.


    Lindsay wrote:
    For some reason, in our group of friends he’s always been known as Ewy Woo-Woo.[/quote

    Which was followed by a discussion of the various incarnations of the movie Wicker Man, both the original ‘good’ version (starring Ewy Woo-Woo) and the “Nick Cage skullfuck version”. 😮


    No, not that kind of skullfu-

    Well, okay. That kind as well.


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    1 hour, 26 minutes:

    James: “You really like clocks, don’t you, doctor?”

    Goggles: “It passes the time.” 😉

    Lindsay: “…Ho, ho, ho!” 🙁

    James: “That was an outstanding pun, doctor!”

    Goggles: “That hurt me!” 🙁

    Chris: “It should!” 🙁


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    Did you enjoy the limited edition D&D sodas? Looks like the company isn’t making them anymore (probably why they called them “limited edition”…), although with names like: Bigby’s Crushing Thirst Destroyer, and advertising slogans like “Grab one as a Free Action” and “Get Thirst Immunity for 2d10 minutes”, what gamer could resist? 😉



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    1 hour, 47 minutes – the hunting party is interrupted by, ehm… ‘hunting anecdotes’.

    Hal: “You don’t look at the mantelpiece when you’re stoking the fire.” 😉

    Lindsay: “What the hell does that mean?!” 😮

    Hal: “You don’t wanna know.”

    Lindsay: *Imperiously demanding voice* “Whisper!”

    Hal: *Whispers in her ear* _whisper__by_Little_Vampire.gif

    Lindsay: *Squeals with amused delight* Giggle_by_MistyBlue2010.gif

    Chris: “I had that told me by a scout in a bar, once!” 🙂

    Lindsay: “That had better not be your personal motto.” 🙁

    Hal: “No, dear. Of course not.” _innocent__by_elicoronel16-d4v1wg2.gif “I very tentatively pluck at the mantelpiece.”

    David: _huh___by_star_stunned.gif “…I’m very lost, let’s hunt!”


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    2 hours, 4 minutes – Snootington’s EPIC hunting story:

    “I just took aim, on my knee, and waited; and I breathed; and the deer breathed; and I breathed… And we were one! Linking the bullet to its heart!

    2 hours, 5 minutes:

    Lindsay: “What a terribly peculiar man!”

    Hal: *Bursts out laughing* “That’s a massive insult! ‘He’s terribly peculiar’ = What a dick!” 🙂

    Lindsay: “Yeah, it’s the 19th century version of that.”

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    I really forgot how many awesome things happened during the first session of this game. It really was a great scene setter 🙂


    Hal :hal:

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