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#91820 Why Games Do Cthulhu Wrong

Posted by WerewolfPaladin on 10 July 2014 - 08:48 AM

Yeah. I think, though, if you're going to give Cthulhu a stat block, both Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu did it right. CoC's "every round he's going to kill somebody" and Pathfinder's DC 40 Will save within 300 feet of him or die of fright are good ways to go. To be honest, looking at the stats for the Pathfinder version, I'd be wary of taking him on, even with a party of level 20/Mythic Tier 10 characters and even then it's not possible to permanently kill him, just put him back in the box for a while.


But the video did have some good points. At best, you're hoping to delay the inevitable in Call of Cthulhu. Or at the very least hoping you won't be either alive or sane when it does happen.

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#90741 What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. Kickstarter - Wizards In Spaaaace!

Posted by WerewolfPaladin on 11 May 2014 - 11:56 AM

I wanted to back this one, but my RPG backlog is big enough as is. I didn't need any more temptation.

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