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#95866 Cthulhu Breakfast Club

Posted by PaulofCthulhu on 28 April 2015 - 12:03 PM

Very much appreciated!
There's now a demo video posted to the Kickstarter page featuring me & Val.
Can you spot which one may be Val? ;-)

Also Watch in HDHFR (1080p50)

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#90462 D&D Next (5E): D&D Live Game PAX East

Posted by PaulofCthulhu on 28 April 2014 - 10:55 AM

RPGMP3 what could have been (or not).



What you can do with money, acclaim and resources.


Actually, you can do more than this.

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#90441 RPGMP3 Facebook Page

Posted by PaulofCthulhu on 27 April 2014 - 09:43 AM

5) Being a non-Patron, I don't know if there is substantial discussion over Patron-only materials in the Patron-only forums. This is going to be controversial, but I think the Patron subscription model is no longer viable. Just look at Paul over at YSDC. He's auctioning off stuff to pay his server bills and fund a server upgrade. I have no idea what model is "the right one" (or *a* right one), unfortunately, but maybe...

That's because server upgrades can be phenomenally expensive. Unfortunately it's not just a question of sticking a beige box from PC World in the corner of your room. EN World raised $90,000 for theirs last year. We don't need that much but it's still not cheap (nor is the 3-4 figures a month they cost to run).


BTW, any bids (or donations) welcome! :-)

5a) Monetizing older content. YSDC put out that Tales From the Table data DVD with (IIRC) the Masks of Nyarlathotep and Horror on the Orient Express campaigns. I'm pretty sure that you could take, say, those World's Largest Dungeon recordings, work on the audio levels, put in chapter marks, make an audio index (e.g., every instance of "Daka daka daka") or an episode summary, record some player interviews, add in some stat blocks or scanned character sheets, and then do some kind of "burn-on-demand" process. That avoids the massive capital outlay that Paul must have had to make. You could even use MP3 steganography tools to help identify piracy (*not* DRM). Do this for all of the RPGMP3 content, offer to do it (or help) with the other groups, and there's how you reduce server load (like the way YSDC is aging their content off their feeds) and make money.


This kind of thing usually requires permission from the original rights holders. For Tales from the Table DVD for example we had a Call of Cthulhu license from Chaosium (which had a financial aspect of its own over and above the production costs of the DVD).

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#86329 Feylin's Bulging Bag of Festive Fun and Fantasticness VI

Posted by PaulofCthulhu on 07 November 2013 - 05:05 PM

The Yoggie Wiki claims that it started on September 15th, 2004 - but that might have gotten mixed up with Hal's birthday.

Paul of Cthulhu sometimes pops by the site to shout "Remember, remember, the 9th of September", in memory of the anniversary of the first WLD recording. And there's note in a calendar claiming that it's January 29th.

Hmm, Hal might be able to remember, what with him being older than roleplaying and all that. ;)



The September 2004 date will be the start of WLD.


The 29th January 2003 is the date of the very first recording of RPGs on the net that I made.


The official birthday of RPGMP3 is 22nd November 2003, as that's when I registered the domain name.



Hello Paul,

Your order for rpgmp3.com has been received.
What to do next
You might want to take a moment now to update the DNS servers and Technical Contact listed with your domain.  You can obtain the correct DNS servers to use from the company that is going to host your web site.  If you have registered this name, but do not need it hosted right now, then you do not need to make any changes.
How to manage your new domain...

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#83769 Bookwyrms: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Club & Podcast

Posted by PaulofCthulhu on 07 August 2013 - 02:56 AM

Helen & I are starting a new podcast series called Bookwyrms.
It's a Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Club (and podcast) where every month we discuss the latest book we've been reading.
First up is Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane. We also have a discussion group on Goodreads if you'd like to join in.
The podcast is also on iTunes.
It should be fun!

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