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Twitch Roleplaying sessions

23 May 2015 - 04:25 PM

Hey folks!

As I've made little effort in hiding, I am a regular Twitch streamer as well as avid P&P RPG player, and my two passions are fusing together to form a regularly live-streamed Roleplaying stream with some of my fellow Twitch streamers.

If you're interested in watching, our first session is going to be tomorrow (Sunday the 24th) at 1PM EST after my regular stream that morning. We're going to be streaming on twitch.tv/survivor_tv - and our first session will be a massive Fiasco! 

That is, we're going to be playing Fiasco as an icebreaker before we jump into a more serious roleplaying system.

We'd love to see anyone in the chat, and I'd love to see you guys there too! 

Your biggest level of game hype?

12 May 2015 - 06:50 PM

So I'm currently listening to OoAK's Mage series and It's really making me want to play a WoD game - be it either mage or vampire - so much so that I'm acquiring the books for myself and coming up with character concepts in my spare time, even knowing that I won't be able to play a game any time soon. This made me think, surely I'm not the only one who gets super hyped about wanting to try out a system that's new to them, so-

How hype do you get when you come across a new game you want to try out? Do you make a half-dozen characters or scenarios in your head out of excitement? Do you, instead, delve into the mechanics of the system and make yourself intimately familiar with them? Or do you just call up a bunch of folks out of the blue and throw together a game?

GM Pre-Game Prep

29 April 2015 - 10:28 PM

So I'm prepping a one-shot 5th ed campaign for my best friend's bachelor party (I'm his best man), and I just got done creating a series of pre-gen level 10 characters - one for each of the classes - each with their own flavor, role in the party, and character image. Next, I'm working on the story and various quest hooks that can be undergone during the one-shot, which is a story module I've always been fascinated by wherein the players take the role of the City Watch of Waterdeep instead of a random party of adventurers, and have to deal with the everyday grind of securing the city of Waterdeep - which is no small task in and of itself.

So my question, and the topic of this discussion, is how much pre-game prep time do you folks normally put into games? Does it differ if you know it's a one-shot versus a sustained campaign? Does it differ if you're using a pre-built module, or a custom module with a pre-built world, or an entirely custom setting and module?

Also, any tips on making this an engaging one-shot would be lovely.

Custom RPG Modules!

09 April 2015 - 04:46 AM

So, since there's an Uncle Hal wanting me to post on the forums, I figured I'll start a new thread and try to get my post count up.


Custom Modules! Let's talk about 'em! I'll start;

My younger brother and I are currently writing a module guide for a Bloodborne setting for 5th Ed D&D. It's an extremely low magic setting with limited class and race selection and cranked up difficulty, though we're wondering if we shouldn't just make it a general Souls module and let people decide if they want Dark Souls, Demons Souls, or Bloodborne settings. 


It's still early in the development process; My younger brother wants to be a game designer so we're using this as a learning tool for him.


How about the rest of you? Any exciting custom modules? Or even just interesting campaign settings?

Greetings and salutations from the mythical landscape known as 'Atlanta'

07 April 2015 - 08:03 PM

Hello people of the RPGMP3 forums! Ignore the ê, you can call me Senstaku - to explain that, I actually made an account back in december that was just 'senstaku' while I was making my way through the World's Largest Dungeon series. Jump forward to today, I'm on the last episode of Mines of Phandelver and about to start some of the other campaigns (I like to listen to one campaign to completion before moving on to the next), and decided to start actually taking part on the forums. Unfortunately, I couldn't recall either the email or the password associated with my original account, so I couldn't reset the password and couldn't log into the old one, so I added a little check above the e and made this one.


I'm a life-long gamer, as well as an actor, filmmaker, streamer on Twitch.tv, and IT Admin (The last one is my job, acting is my career) and I'm currently going to the Art Institute of Atlanta here in Georgia where I am a year out from getting my BFA in Digital Film & Video Production (Yay me!)

So anyway, I finally decided to take part in the forums - I look forward to chatting with everyone :)


Aaaand.... that's it? I guess. Is there some sort of questionnaire to fill out or something?

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