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In Topic: Do you play multiple systems? Why?

23 February 2015 - 08:24 PM

I've played several systems and I can only say that I have very few.... Notable titles such as Gary Gygas's "Dangerous Journeys" where it takes 2 hours to make a single...fighter character. Also the game I believe it was called Amber a diceless system as well as the original Travaller system, where you could die in character creation.  That being said.. from the systems I do play, I tend to go for those with the best story/backdrop.  If it has something I can intergrate into my campagin I do so as it makes for a richer setting for my players.  I have added anything pretaning to atlantean setting to Pathfinder as Azlinti are basically the same thing.


Movies also provide classes/races to be emulated such as the story behind the Tarakian from Heavy Metal.  It is a positive energy being that is mute/sterile that relies on psychic warrior style class and a very limited amount that can be worn/carried.  Or the paladins from the Dragon Magazine, one for each alingment; again updated for Pathfinder.


Well you get the picture, if I need story for Lycans I go to WW for tribes or if I want gothic horror its Cthulhu mixed with Ravenloft.

In Topic: 90 Old School Tabletop RPGs

12 February 2015 - 08:25 PM

I have some other odd ball ones I wish were there like : Aftermath, TW 2000, Dark Conspiracy, Chill to name a few....

In Topic: 8 Reasons D&D 5th Edition is Better Than Pathfinder

06 February 2015 - 08:00 PM

Personally, as I have played with the beta rules for 5th, i'll say that it is better than 4E.  That being said, so is a moldering pile of shit.  The 8 reasons that were given in the topic are 8 reasons not to play as well. 


1 3E is old...True but so is the whole of D&D.  It is something that many systems are based upon and molded around.  The core of role playing is more important that the edition is and longevity is a plus in my book.


2 Better archtypes ... depending on the campaign world I disagree.  In an Ustalav campaign, I doubt that there are better archtypes in the 5E system as they haven't re-released any ravenloft material.  The campaign world in Pathfinder feels more complete, more solid.


3 Less Magic Items....suck.  The main draw is the new shiney, shiney.  It is a goal that players can more towards or to compliment their skill set.  a +2 longsword is cool but a +1 Keen longsword is more flavorful.  Why play with bland items?


4 less exponential growth...can be a bonus but it seems like you gain less as you level.  No one wants to gain their new level and just gain HP.  Also a 1st level fighter with a +5 weapons shouldn't have a prayer of hitting a dragon (unless a crit). 


5 More classic feel....yes it feels more like the red box edition of D&D and some parts like AD&D.  If thats your thing  the rules and plethora of modules for those editions still are around in electronic format. 


6 Inspiration .  This goes back to the story teller and how well he narrates the saga he unfolds.  No one system can be said they are the best if they have a shitty GM... Even a story driven campagin set in Tolkiens Middle-earth could suck ass if the GM dosen't steer the PC's into developing the PC's "lives". 


7 Backgrounds...well...I dislike most systems use of this save one system : a Social Status system.  I have one taken from another RPG that makes more sense for a fedual system and is less complicated. 


8 Better races...this depends on the DM/campaign. Period.  if it seems like an all Drow party then allow them to do so.  When I run we have an extensive list of races that modify the XP table based on how powerful they are (ex. CR 0 is fast, CR +1 to +2 is medium, CR +3 is slow). 


In short the system isn't any better nor worse that Pathfinder, it's just different.  To me it feels like D&D for dummies, old school feel with a new glossy paint job.  The main thing is it's not 4E (may it burn in Hell) and they seem to follow the games workshop marketing design : every 5 years release a new edition and invalidate the old edition. 


My mini rant is done...

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