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Dr Ink'n'Stain

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Würm : a prehistoric RPG

12 November 2015 - 10:16 AM

Editions Icare, a French RPG publisher, is running a KS to translate their neolithic RPG into english. Link


Editions Icare is proud to present a French role playing game with a truly original theme, already loved by players for the quality of its writing and its illustrations, now in English language for the first time ever. This funding campaign aims to back the professional translation of the work, and its distribution in the USA and the United Kingdom. Our publishing company, now eight years old, is specialized in publishing independent role-playing games with strong themes. We would therefore like to invite you to discover Würm, a role playing game that takes place at the very origins of humanity, which will surely strike a chord with both new and experienced players alike.


Humanity before history began, thirty five thousand years ago, in the middle of an ice age…


Spaceship plans for (Mongoose) Traveller

28 August 2015 - 11:45 PM

I have been veeery slowly working to to make more user-friendly (that is, printable/scalable) versions of the various spacecraft from the Mongoose version of Traveller. I have mostly tried to keep true with the statistics and existing values while making the designs more to my liking, but I cannot be sure if during the constant fiddling a couple of dTons might have been misplaced here and there. But hey, when has spaceship design been an exact science anyway...


The pdf's are currently layered, so that the texts and the grid can be turned off. I intend to do some cleanup for the designs once I have the whole set (whatever and whenever that may be) ready. The files can be downloaded from my Dropbox:


Small Craft I: Fighters, Ship's Boats and yes, the infamous Pinnace. Also, a couple of original designs slipped in.


Small Craft II: Modular Cutter and a couple of cargo modules.


Scouts: Seeker Mining Ship and the Type S Scout.


Free Trader: Type A merchant ship.


I'm currently struggling with the Far Trader, but I seem to have hitted a snag with that one, so I might skip it for a while, or just fit the Free Trader with a bigger reactor and jump drive. After that, I have the Yacht and the Fat Trader basic designs worked out in my head, they should be quite straightforward designs so it is mostly just the matter of finding the time. 


And needless to say, the Whartson Hall Traveller games have been copiously consumed during the creation of these files.

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