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Dr Ink'n'Stain

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#97445 Star Wars timeline

Posted by Dr Ink'n'Stain on 07 November 2015 - 01:54 PM

Gahhh can't resize it, hopefully it's not too big. Credit where credit's due.


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#97312 The Happy Birthday Thread

Posted by Dr Ink'n'Stain on 22 October 2015 - 07:14 AM

Thank you 'Monkey!


I feel already caked-out, having re-listened a couple of episodes of RunePunk at work, so it's crisps and beer later.


(hmm, what's with 22 oct and 'ink'?  :D )

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#96955 Spaceship plans for (Mongoose) Traveller

Posted by Dr Ink'n'Stain on 28 August 2015 - 11:45 PM

I have been veeery slowly working to to make more user-friendly (that is, printable/scalable) versions of the various spacecraft from the Mongoose version of Traveller. I have mostly tried to keep true with the statistics and existing values while making the designs more to my liking, but I cannot be sure if during the constant fiddling a couple of dTons might have been misplaced here and there. But hey, when has spaceship design been an exact science anyway...


The pdf's are currently layered, so that the texts and the grid can be turned off. I intend to do some cleanup for the designs once I have the whole set (whatever and whenever that may be) ready. The files can be downloaded from my Dropbox:


Small Craft I: Fighters, Ship's Boats and yes, the infamous Pinnace. Also, a couple of original designs slipped in.


Small Craft II: Modular Cutter and a couple of cargo modules.


Scouts: Seeker Mining Ship and the Type S Scout.


Free Trader: Type A merchant ship.


I'm currently struggling with the Far Trader, but I seem to have hitted a snag with that one, so I might skip it for a while, or just fit the Free Trader with a bigger reactor and jump drive. After that, I have the Yacht and the Fat Trader basic designs worked out in my head, they should be quite straightforward designs so it is mostly just the matter of finding the time. 


And needless to say, the Whartson Hall Traveller games have been copiously consumed during the creation of these files.

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#96817 #RPGaDay

Posted by Dr Ink'n'Stain on 14 August 2015 - 03:01 AM

As I'm recovering from dental surgery (bye bye, lower right wisdom teeth (and it's upper counterpart), I hardly knew you, you Bastard!) and apparently don't have anything better to do...


1. Probably wishful thinking, but if Green Ronin would make 5e version of Freeport...

2. I both love and hate the idea of Kickstarters, and have never backed anything. But see above.

3. 5e, which was a surprise for myself. I thought I was D&D'd out already.

4. As said earlier, I never thought I would be interested in D&D anymore.

5. 5e DMG

6. 5e. This is getting predictable...

7. Stars Without Number (Sine Nomine Publishing)

8. I guess it was seeing those guys playing D&D in E.T. back in the day.

9. Has there been a PnP Elder Scrolls game? If not, that.

10, 11. Uhh.. It seems that I don't keep track of these things. 

12. I used to like (and copy) Trampier a lot. However, as a single illustration, I think the iconic picture of Kyra (from Pathfinder) encapsulates idea of D&D cleric perfectly. 

13. Duh. More precisely Whartsies, BAGgies or Hal's crew, depending on mood.

14. Icosahedron, naturally. Miniatures are cool too. METAL miniatures, that is.

15. Real time, our AD&D campaign probably takes the top spot, as we we played weekly for like three years or so. Second place goes to the Enemy Within campaign, with every single adventure from White Dwarf inserted somewhere along the way.

16. The follies of youth.. We tried 24 hour sessions several times, and although technically made it, after 12 hours mark the gaming was - sporadic, at best.

17. WFRP, 2nd edition

18. Mongoose edition of Traveller

19. Superworld (Chaosium)

20. Call of Cthulhu

21. Homebrew

22. These days, livingroom table will do.

23. WFRP, 2nd edition

24. In Shadowrun, I did not like that it did not matter whether you had 6 or 0.01 points of Essence if you did not use magic. So I made a rule that for each full Essence point, a character would have a 'floating' skill point that could be temporarily added to a skill, and easily switched to another skill during downtime, so that characters without cyberware were more versatile and adaptable. That, or the 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' -clause on character backstories. You know, the whole 'everything you write about your character is true - from a certain point of view'.

25. Hard to come up with a single example, but anything that makes you look beyond the simple result of the die roll.

26. Actual Play Podcasts ;-)

27. Traveller(s) of the (Star) Frontier(s)

28. I like CoC a lot, but I don't think I can get to a correct mood anymore.

29. I guess these days I mostly frequent the WotC site. I used to have an extensive list of RPG and miniature blogs bookmarked, but trying to keep up with them consumed way too much time.

30. Dame Judi Dench/Vin Diesel -combo fills my heart with joy.

31. Marriage (ongoing)

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#96609 Chicken-Fish

Posted by Dr Ink'n'Stain on 21 July 2015 - 11:48 PM

Funnily enough, there is a traditional dish called 'Kalakukko' (Fish Cock) from the region of Finland that I hail from. And although the dish itself has nothing to do with chicken (it is essentially small fishes and pork fat baked in a rye crust), because of it's name it is usually depicted as a creature mixing the features of a fish (usually an European Perch) and a cock male of the genus Gallus.

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#96583 Another WFRP Actual Play

Posted by Dr Ink'n'Stain on 18 July 2015 - 11:43 PM

I haven't followed the Warhammer metaplot in a long time, and now I feel a hefty dose of 'get off my lawn' coming up. Well, most of my remaining WFB stuff is from the third edition era anyway. These days, my miniature gaming needs are fulfilled with Song of Blades and Heroes, so GW can do whatever they like to keep their investors happy.


As for the audio, these were pretty fun. And the tone was just right, made me want to play WFRP again. Granted, that is not the hardest thing to accomplish, but anyway...

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#96489 Lost Mine of Phandelver Session 25

Posted by Dr Ink'n'Stain on 11 July 2015 - 06:45 AM

Haven't read the adventure, but from the audio, I think the most memorable bits were the Nothic, which was a completly new creature for me, the halfling kid and perhaps the Banshee. And I suppose these were 10% adventure as written / 90% pure Hal -moments. Overall, it had a strong Designed by Committee feel about it, it seemed to lack any clear direction in what it was trying to accomplish. A tighter focus would probably have helped a lot. And better dungeon design, apparently. I'm not sure the low-level adversaries were the problem, it's more how the monsters are written in the adventure rather than the creatures itself. Although going all Tucker's Kobolds in the introductory adventure might have been tad cruel.


As for 5e, for me it hits near the sweet spot between complexity and ease-of-use, in the sense that I could see myself both playing and running a game with it. I like that they chose a bit lighter approach this time, and I especially like that the free-for-all multiclassing is an optional rule now. I never liked it, not thematically nor mechanically; why play a class-and-level game, if the classes are just collection of abilities to cherry-pick the best combos from. I also tend to houserule my games a lot, and it is always easier to add stuff to simpler systems rather than to take stuff away from more complex ones. 5e is not without it's flaws (eg. Things I Do Not Like), but the core system is simple enough and robust enough to fiddle with. Although 5e will most likely be my first and last D&D core system I'm going to own. 


But yeah, thanks Hal and the players for a very in-depth intro adventure and analysis, and the different player styles and personalities gave a nice stress test to different aspects of the system. It was not the only review of 5e that I followed, but without the doubt the most entertaining.

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#96443 Another WFRP Actual Play

Posted by Dr Ink'n'Stain on 03 July 2015 - 10:51 AM

Glad I found this, WFRP is likely my most favourite system (and not just because of Skaven...). Got to give these a spin sometime. I still fondly remember the almost-with-power-point-slides presentation about How Bretonnia Is Not Just Empire With Funny Accents our GM gave us before chargen when we were to play the Barony of the Damned.

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#92684 #RPGaDay

Posted by Dr Ink'n'Stain on 20 August 2014 - 02:59 PM

I might try and write a proper introduction as well, but let's kick off with this thread:


1. 'Holmes' D&D. And Keep on the Borderlands. My first character was a dwarf named Thorin. *groan*


2. Hm. Most likely I tried to run ElfQuest for a somewhat unenthusiastic crowd. 


3. ElfQuest rpg (Chaosium). What can I say, I was huge fan of the comic. The rest of our group did not quite get it.


4. Traveller (Mongoose), I guess. Haven't purchased anything much recently, although I have had my eye on the One Ring, mostly because of the eye candy.


5. Runequest (2nd ed, 1980). We never played it much, though.


6. As a player, WFRP, 1st or 2nd ed. As a GM, a Traveller/Star Frontiers mash-up.


7. OWD Changeling 2nd ed. Then again, I tend to view it more as a study of what it means to be a gamer among 'normals', although it kinda works as a game as well, I guess.


8. Kris(elda), Rat-Catcher Extraodinaire, an ambiquously gendered ne'erdowell with a penchant for tall tales and immunity to food poisoning. 


9. D20’s from the ElfQuest set. These were marked 0-9 twice, with the second set having a small + next to the numbers. I still haven't found a good use for the exploding D10 mechanic these dice opened up.


10. The Vampire Genevieve. Most Warhammer books are too slashy-slashy grimdark for my tastes, but Yeovil's yarns were highly entertaining.


11. Nope, can’t think of any to be especially 'weird'.


12. RQ, Traveller, Star Frontiers. I guess WFRP2 can be considered 'old' these days as well.


13. CoC, involving dynamite sticks and five consecutive rolls between 96-00.


14-15. I once almost visited FinnCon, but the guy driving never found the right intersection and eventually we gave up.


16. Monopoly. I could use the royalties.


17. Every game has had it’s moments, but I can’t pick anything as the funniest. I guess I could say that the least fun I’ve had with games like Paranoia and It Came From The Late, Late Show.


18. WFRP 2nd ed. Houseruled to the Pain, obviously.


19. Shadows Over Bögenhafen. Been on the both sides of the GM screen, and never has wading knee-deep in human waste been more entertaining.


20. Looking the way my actual gaming has dwindled recently, probably nothing. But I’m pretty sure I’m still tinkering with systems and ’projects’ and whatnot.

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