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Big Bad Jon

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In Topic: The Missing Monkey Geek Quiz Podcast

21 August 2014 - 04:09 AM

OK, a few things. First, thank you very much for welcoming me and listening, I was nervous about posting what might be considered to be spam. Thank you for the feedback, I ponder anything that comes back in the hopes of making it better.


The second episode is now live as of last night. We realised early on that a weekly schedule would kill us so we went to every two weeks and we're a couple of episodes ahead so we have a buffer for who-knows-what.


I'll happily take on people onto the players waiting list if they want to play, i mention it on the website, but all anyone would need to do is mail me at bigbadjon@themissingmonkey.com and we can talk further.


Finally (and i love the gif of the cats) thank you for pointing me at Quizziqal... I did spend ages trying to find any geek quiz out there and they are rare... in terms of podcast i couldn't find one. I did listen to that show and it's a shame that it only has one episode out there. I wouldn't mind talking to the people that made it at some point. :)


again, thank you and all i ask is that if you enjoy it, then please tell people.

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