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GM SIlva

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#94109 The circle is complete and full of WIN!

Posted by GM SIlva on 16 December 2014 - 02:49 AM

Hello everyone.


I just wanted to bring up my discovery of Star Wars Edge of the Empire. A really amazing RPG system.
Do doubt, you all have varied amounts of XP (haha) with this game. I'm just rather excited at how the game dice
mechanics can add to the story. As a GM, this is so useful to me. I also love the fact that ALL rolls
are done in a central place so that the team of PC's can help define the roll. This completely stops
players fudging their roll (something some of my players do from time to time with the cunning use of miniature die).
I'm bringing the game to my group and its helped to attract a new player too (who doesnt want to play Star Wars?!).

Just the title of this game has given me a huge number of storylines for sessions, mostly thanks to various books a a certain TV show.


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