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The Mind Tool

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Hello, I'm New

23 July 2013 - 06:43 PM

Hi, I am The Mind Tool, and I've been listening to the site's podcasts for a good couple of months now and relatively recently started DM-ing DnD 4th Edition.


I'm not a very experienced tabletop gamer, but am eager to learn and experience new things. In fact I'm so eager that, with little knowledge beyond a few sessions of actually playing a pen-and-paper rpg and listening to this site's podcasts, I jumped right in and am now trying to run my first campaign with a group entirely composed of new players (as none of my friends have really played tabletop games outside of board games before). I'd like to try new systems at some point, but am a university student (and therefore always short on money). My focus with roleplaying games is on the storytelling aspects, but I'm not afraid to get stuck in with the mechanical details and enjoy running interesting encounters.


From the podcast, I mostly listen to the Pantsless Gamers and Hal's roleplaying group, but I'm mostly just catching up with the stuff I recognise.


I hope I can get some good tips for my campaigns and contribute to some interesting discussions, but I'm very likely to spend a lot of time lurking.

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