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Director’s Briefing – December 2017

08 December 2017 - 06:37 AM

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To the seventy-ninth Briefing and the twelfth scheduled Briefing of 2017. November was an unhappy month in terms of me making personal progress in editing or writing, with at every turn some new demand on my time from the day job, usually with incredibly short deadlines.
Dragonmeet 2017
John, Colin and I attended Dragonmeet, running our annual stand. We had some great chats with fans, we sold books and generally had a good time.
What we did not have this year were any games being run by Chris Seal as he could not make the convention (and I really wanted to present him with his author copies of HARP A Wedding in Axebridge in person – his copies are on their way by Royal Mail.) Next year, we will have at least one demo game – I may well GM a game myself.
UK Games Expo
Over the past eleven years, UK Games Expo has grown from a modest event in 2007 of about 1,000 attendees to the 2017 extravaganza of 16,300 unique attendees (30,000+ attendee-days). UK Games Expo caters for roleplayers, boardgamers, card gamers, wargamers, and gamers who defy such categorisation. It is a three day event held in Birmingham in late May/early June, so not as easy for us to organise a full-blown presence but in terms of our growth, it’s the next obvious convention presence. I suspect we are looking at reconnaissance in force for 2018, with a proper stand in 2019 if it looks like it should work for ICE.
A Wedding in Axebridge
The print masters were accepted and HARP A Wedding in Axebridge makes for a slender perfectbound book. Really pleasing. We look forward to publishing further adventure modules in 2018 (with Poseidon Gambit for HARP SF and Garden of Rain for HARP Fantasy at the front of the queue.)
You can purchase HARP A Wedding in Axebridge HERE
Shadow World
All I have to say is “Keep writing, Terry!”
All I have to say is “Keep revising Something Wicked, Something Wondrous” and “Keep editing HARP Bestiary” to myself, and “Keep working on HARP Beyond the Veil, HARP Strongholds, HARP Subterfuge, HARP SF Vehicles, Poseidon Gambit, Garden of Rain and Caer Glais” to the other freelancers. Duly refreshed from his break after completing his work on various chapters of HARP Bestiary, Colin has accepted another writing assignment from me, but he has to read himself in first.
To Joeri and Jonathan, keep fighting those creatures.
Until next time
I am off to heed my own injunctions on editing and revising, so all that remains for me to do is wish you all a very Merry Christmas (or other holiday of your choosing) and a Happy New Year. The next scheduled Briefing will be in January 2018.
Best wishes,
Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd
If you would like to receive the Director’s Briefing straight to your inbox each month, you can sign up to our mailing list HERE.


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Kickstarting the Suns

06 December 2017 - 10:37 AM

Developer Diary 3

Using the FSNA Campaign Editor

We are debating running a Kickstarter for Fading Suns: Noble Armada. While we self-funded the game (read: I worked on it in my spare time rather than pay myself), there are a few things that would benefit from funding. These include:

  1. Hiring a programmer to port it to other platforms (right now it is only set for PC).
  2. Hiring an artist to make any necessary UI adjustments for those platforms.
  3. Developing and testing a campaign editor that is usable by anyone, and not just the game developers.
  4. Hiring both a programmer and artist to implement more spaceships and factions.

There are other things we could do with more financing, but those are the main ones. The main goal of the Kickstarter would be to finance those ports, so the game is playable on other platforms. That probably would not require much money. I am thinking it would run around $3,000. The secondary goal would be to create a user-friendly campaign editor, so players can create and share their own campaigns. You can follow me on Kickstarter as HDIAndrew, https://www.kickstarter.com//profile/hdiandrew

What do you think of Kickstarter campaigns? Is this something you might support?

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FSNA Developer Diary 2

04 December 2017 - 09:59 AM

by Andrew Greenberg

Holistic Design Inc. first released the Fading Suns universe in the role playing game of the same name (Check out Ulisses Spiele’s plans for the tabletop game). Emperor of the Fading Suns was our first computer game set in the universe. A few years later we began work on the Noble Armada computer game, to be published by Panasonic Interactive Media.

Designed as a mix of RPG and strategy game, Noble Armada had a single-player storyline designed for at least 40 hours of game time. Players would build a massive fleet, enjoy a multiplayer mode, undertake quests, sell and trade as part of a robust economy, and much more.

Start screen for original Noble Armada computer game

Unfortunately, Panasonic Interactive proved a short-lived venture, as was the next publisher to whom we took the game. We shelved the computer game and instead released the Noble Armada miniatures game.

Fast forward more than a decade, when I met Chris Carson as he developed Vincere Totus Astrum. While we had no publisher to fund development on a new Noble Armada game, he was helping improve the Fusion engine. We discussed a much less ambitious project, one that focused on recreating the miniatures game.

For this we focused on the movement and combat engines rather than an epic campaign. Rather than 40+ hours of game play, we envisioned five-minute play experiences that could occur on PC or mobile devices.

We still wanted story and fleet building, but not nearly on the scale of the other game. Now FSNA follows a quick story arc, with some fun ways to modify a ship, and a focus on quick thinking and good tactics.

I have always been delighted by the Venn diagram that is the Fading Suns community. Some prefer roleplaying, some strategy games, some live action, some the fiction, but there is a wonderful overlap between them. Do multiple aspects of the Fading Suns universe appeal to you?

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Andrew’s Noble Armada Developer Diary

29 November 2017 - 02:38 PM

Live FSNA Playtest

It’s always scary to debut your game to new eyes. We want the feedback and criticism, yet are afraid of it at the same time. What if there really is a bug?

Time to turn on the anti-negativity shields, don the rose-colored spectacles, and rush into the fray … or at least turn the game over to testers. On Nov. 14, the Georgia Game Developers Association hosted a playtest of games made by its members. Attendees got to try out Brush Up, Elemensional Rift, Super Seducer … and Fading Suns: Noble Armada.

You can check out our demo of the game here:

We got some great feedback. While we feel our UI is intuitive, we know it is not the industry standard. In most RTS games, you select a unit, select a space on the board, and your unit moves there. Select an enemy unit, and yours attacks it.

In FSNA, however, our movement system precludes this. The delicate dance of thrust and counter thrust is integral to the miniatures game, and we have recreated it here. That means players have to carefully control their facing and momentum. Simply selecting and moving would be easier, but lose what we feel is fun about the game.

Every player first tried the traditional RTS movement/attack interface. Testing showed us that we need a good tutorial to explain how it works in FSNA, but also that players liked ours once they understood it. Now we need to determine if that learning curve is too steep …

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Spacemaster 2nd Edition Player Book goes Electrum!

23 November 2017 - 02:27 AM

Spacemaster 2nd edition player book coverIron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announce that Spacemaster 2nd Edition Player Book is now an electrum pick product on RPGNow!
We’re incredibly proud that Spacemaster 2nd Edition Player Book has joined a number of other Iron Crown products in reaching the level of ‘electrum pick’ which very few products ever reach.
Huge congratulations and thanks to everyone involved in creating Spacemaster 2nd Edition Player Book and thanks to everyone who has bought it, played it and supported it. We couldn’t have done it without you.
Spacemaster 2nd Edition Player Book
The Spacemaster system is usable in a variety of environments, from a dark near future of post-holocaust Earth to a culture of high-tech exploration to a distant time when civilisation has fallen to superstitious ruin. Spacemaster 2nd Edition can also be integrated with Rolemaster 2nd Edition -used together they set the stage for sweeping, coherent, science-fantasy and multi-genre campaigns
This is the Player Book of ICE’s original science-fiction roleplaying game (Spacemaster 2nd Edition), containing character creation rules, personal combat, psionic rules and general adventuring rules
If you haven’t bought your copy of Spacemaster 2nd Edition Player Book yet, you can get your copy from RPGNow where you can also get a wide range of other Spacemaster products from Iron Crown Enterprises.

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