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New Fading Suns Design Diary

18 May 2018 - 02:41 PM

Bill’s new design diary for Fading Suns 4th edition is now up at Ulisses’ site: https://www.ulisses-us.com/fading-suns-designer-diary-may-2018/

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Director’s Briefing – May 2018

02 May 2018 - 01:04 AM

If you would like to receive the Director’s Briefing straight to your inbox each month, you can sign up to our mailing list HERE.
Welcome to the eighty-fourth Briefing and the fifth scheduled Briefing of 2018. April seemed to disappear very quickly – I suspect some of that was being away in the Philippines followed by returning far too abruptly to teaching duties and the inevitable panic of students as final assignments and exams loom large in their horizons. The evil spectre of marking comes all too soon and the summer term teaching in June forestalls an early end to the academic year at Suffolk. I can but hope that all the students will have the good sense to pass their exams and their assignments first-time round.
GenCon 2018
It is coming closer. If you are up for running games or helping out in any way, please let Colin know as soon as possible.
It will soon be time for me to order new stock to supplement the existing material held in trust by Aaron for ICE. I will relent this year and have some RM Classic core rulebooks printed as there has been high demand by fans for these.
The RMU singularity did not happen or I would have been less willing to relent.
Shadow World
I have seen the cover image for Jaiman – it is looking very nice indeed. It’s illustration placement; it’s beating off stray tabs and newlines and other assorted nonsense that hides itself in the Excel spreadsheets only to bite in the InDesign version. Terry is having “fun”. Hang in there, Terry, it will all be worth it come GenCon.
One of the many useful things that John Duffield created as part of his work on multiple chapters of HARP Bestiary was to reconstruct the Cone concept using the enhanced College of Magics spell creation rules. I have been happily able to take this and use it to build (or more correctly refresh) Hellfire Cone for the Great Circle of the Demonologist. Other Cone spells will be appearing in HARP Something Wicked, Something Wondrous.
So where am I with the refresh of spells? The additional Cantrips have been revised (tick). The High Magic spells have been revised (tick). The Great Circle of the Demonologist (38 or is it 39? spells) has been fully revised (although I reserve the right to add more spells if some occur to me or someone makes a helpful suggestion) but this is still tick. The Sphere of the Witch and the Warlock is about two-thirds revised with the major block of spells still requiring attention being the Soulcharm spells (think a variation on a voodoo doll). The additional Universal and other extra spells for other Spheres and Circles are about halfway there. At the moment, however, I am going through the spells of the Mystic from the original College of Magics and transforming them into the Great Circle of the Mentalist. Once the Mentalist Circle is complete and the other waifs and strays have been revised, I will look closely at the additional spells in Codex and see what is sensible to recover. I will also look at the long-lost HARPer’s Grimoire and see if we should rescue any from there – if so, I will drop Chris Adams a note and ask permission to reuse them.
There are hints that another HARP manuscript will soon be coming my way in full draft, so while I find spell updating quite relaxing, I will not be lingering in this activity for any longer than necessary.
Until next time
More writing, more editing soon and generally more fun for me. The next scheduled Briefing will be in June 2018.
Best wishes,
Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd
If you would like to receive the Director’s Briefing straight to your inbox each month, you can sign up to our mailing list HERE.


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Real life critical fumbles – Game prep

26 April 2018 - 01:06 AM

No matter how many adventures you’ve been on, no matter how many foes you have defeated and no matter how many villages you have saved, everyone has moments when they’re not fully paying attention or when they’re a little too hung over or when they are simply having a bad day.
That’s why fumbles exist, because no one is always at their best. In gaming terms fumbles can happen at any time and lead to you injuring yourself, injuring your friends or aiding your enemies, but fumbling in real life can be no less disastrous and fumbling game prep can have just as serious consequences for your game.
Game prep real life critical fumbles:

01 – 25You decide to take your game into a completely unexpected direction. Your players don’t like it. Oh well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained
26 – 30Your dog eats your notes – 10 to initiative
31 – 40Accidentally rub chilli oil in your eyes after cooking making it very difficult to read your notes – perception -10
41 – 50Some of the snacks have exploded over your notes and books – 10 to initiative, – 5 to perception and -5 to leadership
51 – 60You have been up all night worrying about the campaign and how it will be received by your players. You’re pretty tired – 20 to initiative, – 5 to memory
61 – 65An image you were going to use as a portrait of an orcish NPC bares a striking resemblance to one of your new players – Lose two rounds as you quickly try to find a new image.
66Almost all of your clothes are lost in a terrible laundry accident and you are forced to GM in a swimsuit – 30 to leadership
67 – 70You forget that one of your players is lactose intolerant and all the snacks are cheese based – Lose ten rounds as they purposefully try to derail your plans
71 – 80You stupidly keep your gaming books on the top shelf. As you get them down some fall on your head – 20 hits
81 – 85Whilst painting some miniatures ready for your game you mistake the methelated spirits you are using to clean your brush for water – 20 hits, resistance roll against poison
86 – 90You accidentally give the players the wrong address and telephone number. Spend the night alone wondering where they are and why they haven’t called. They never speak to you again
91 – 95You have a great idea and rush to your desk to write it up. You are writing with such excitement that your pen slips and you stab yourself in the leg. – B puncture critical, 10 hits
96 – 99You go to great lengths to create ‘love letters’ that your players will find during next week’s game. Your significant other finds them and believes that you mean to send them to someone else – Lose 20 rounds as you explain that they are props for the game
100One of the secret demonic incantations that you ‘made up’ for the game turns out to be genuine. A world-destroying fire demon bursts into existence and within moments has all but destroyed the Earth. As everything that you have ever known or loved slides into non-existence, one of your less perceptive players comments “Wow! It’s so realistic” – Death

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Sci-Fi plot generator

11 April 2018 - 01:23 AM

Need an idea for your next game of HARP-SF or Spacemaster? Look no further than this Sci-Fi plot generator from the good people at WIRED.
The sci-fi plot generator uses two James Gunn movies and two Ridley Scott films as illustrations, but could be used to create an endless number of variations. Simply fill in the gaps with your own ideas or mix and match from different films/books/TV shows and you have yourself a sci-fi plot.
sci fi plot generator


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Director’s Briefing – April 2018

04 April 2018 - 02:05 AM

If you would like to receive the Director’s Briefing straight to your inbox each month, you can sign up to our mailing list HERE.
Welcome to the eighty-third Briefing and the fourth scheduled Briefing of 2018.
GenCon 2018
Terry and Aaron have been coming up with Shadow World and Rolemaster scenarios for GenCon. It’s a happy mix of standalone demo games and tournament games with some set in southwestern Emer (yes, your chance to glimpse parts of Emer IV early) and some in Gryphonburgh (of Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn fame).
We would be delighted to have additional games run at GenCon so please contact Colin if you are willing to GM some Rolemaster, HARP, Spacemaster, etc.
Shadow World
Charles has delivered the Jaiman NPCs in RMSS/FRP stat form. Terry has switched attention from Haalkitaine text to pour the stats into the requisite tables.
HARP, HARP SF and Cyradon
John Duffield has finished with creating the stats for the Demons chapter of HARP Bestiary is nearly finished with the Demons chapter of HARP Bestiary. So many Demons, so many stat blocks, so many spreadsheets. With the power of Demons ranging from the lowliest Imp (a mere 4th level) to a mighty Archdemon (a modest 95th level), there will be something to challenge player-characters at any power level.
I am back on the case with regard to Something Wicked, Something Wondrous, and finding spell updating very relaxing.
I have answered all of Colin’s Cyradon questions – I am sure he will come up with more!
No singularity yet, but I am trying to see if we can provide Jonathan and Joeri with some extra assistance to get them over the last stubborn hurdle.
Until next time
More editing and more fun writing for me. The next scheduled Briefing will be in May 2018.
Best wishes,
Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd
If you would like to receive the Director’s Briefing straight to your inbox each month, you can sign up to our mailing list HERE.


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