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Maps an other flat goodies

22 January 2014 - 09:09 PM

Alright, I am currently working on a bunch of maps one of my home-brew campaign. I realized, they are a lot of work... So if I am spending hours drawing maps, may as well share with the rest of the home-brewer out there. Who knows, maybe some of these can be re purposed. A small reminder tough, my players are all french speaking therefore, most of the maps are in french but I will be posting blank ones two in case somebody wants to make it their own.


If I see that people are interested, I'll post more.


Clicking on the image should bring you to a downloadable full-resolution version


Map#1- Aragast, The Town on the Hill






Game puzzle

03 August 2013 - 10:45 AM

Puzzle are somewhat of a staple of D&D/Pathfinder games but as a GM I sometime hate them yet as a player, they make me feel clever. So how about starting a topic on awesome Puzzle you made for your game that you wish to share with other stranded GMs out there.


Here is my first:



Toillet paper runekey:

The player find a complex key and a symbol near the keyhole. The key rearranges its configuration based on rotating cylinders. The player need to figure out that by combining pieces of the runes on each cylinder, they can compose the final rune. (imagine drawing each piece on top of one another to make the final drawing.) Now, if the player don't manage to figure it out, here are some tips you can give them:


-The key emits a magical vibration when brought near the keyhole (puns intended)

-If one of them cast detect magic, he can feel three types of auras from the rune on the wall and four on the cylinder. Let them try to identify the schools on the wall and compare them to the scroll. (see picture for detail) they can now toss out some of the combinations because the auras wouldn't match.

-If they are really not getting it or if they try a bunch of things: Using the spell knock sets a rune in place. A spellcraft check reveals witch school of magic is going to be present twice.


Let me know what you think.

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