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RPG Review Issue 32: TSR

13 December 2016 - 04:56 AM

RPG Review Issue 32 includes an update on the RPG Review Cooperative, an interview with Frank Mentzer famous for the BECMI D&D series, an article from TSR's first employee, Tim Kask, a summary history of the rise and fall of TSR, reviews of Gangbusters, Basic, Expert, and Companion D&D, Alternity Player's Handbook and Gamemaster's Guide, an article on Great Beasts for AD&D 2nd edition, The Chevaleresse: An AD&D Character Class, an overview of TSR Computer RPGs, a review of the Dungeons & Dragons 3 Movie, and an update of the Cooperative's Papers & Paychecks Kickstarter.



Papers and Paychecks!

29 November 2016 - 01:24 AM

Greetings happy gamers!


I have exciting news about a new RPG on Kickstarter!  I am helping a friend of mine fund and publish a RPG called Papers and Paychecks. 


He's written the game for a non-profit gaming club (RPG Review Cooperative) and all the proceeds will go to that club - check us out if you are in Australia!

However with all Kickstarters, if the target isn't reached no money is paid or received.


We have 25 days to raise about AU$3000!

With your help we can reach that target.

"Papers & Paychecks" of course comes from the classic cartoon by Will McLean in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide from 1979.  It features a group of fantasy characters speculating that they are in "workers and students in an industrialized and technological society".
Inspired by the cartoon, the game posits a comic of modern working life where what can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the worst possible time. If
you like TV series such as  'Drop The Dead Donkey', 'Corner Gas', 'The IT Crowd', 'The Office', 'Utopia', 'Interns'  and anything by Armando Iannucci then this game is for you.

Using a well-known traditional core mechanics, the game system also has a number of novel features from contemporary design, and inverts some
traditional tropes. It is easy to pick up to those new to RPGs and yet contains intricacies which will delight the experienced gamer.

The game is funny, insightful, and a pledge would make a great gift for the festive season.

However most importantly it will raise funds for a local gaming club which provides for a number of different gaming groups, a online magazine, a
substantial gaming library and more.

Please back "Paypers & Paychecks".




RPG Review Issue 31: OSR!

02 November 2016 - 07:17 PM

Issue 31 is out now and full of RPG musings!


In fact it was out in July but due to rl stuff I was tardy with posting this link...


This mega issue contains an awesome interview with the legendary Ken St Andre of Tunnels and Trolls fame!  There are reviews of OSR inspired games such as Backswords 'n' Bucklers as well as articles on Labyrinth Lord and John Carter RPG!


There are also designer notes for Papers and Paychecks, a new RPG that has just launched on Kickstarter based on the classic illustration in ADnD's DMG - for those of you who remember that...  I recommend checking it out!







RPG Review Issue 30 : Superheroes!

04 July 2016 - 06:48 AM

Hot on the heels of the previous issues come RPG Review Issue 30 : The Superheroes!



This issue features an interview with Steve Kenson and reviews of Superhero 2044, Villains and Vigilantes, Marvel SH, Champions,
DC Heroes, Godsend Agenda, and of course Mutants and Masterminds!

There is a superhero short story, an organisation for Villains and Vigilantes, a campaign setting and story for Mutants and Masterminds, a designer's update for Super Squadron, designer's notes for Verge, NPCs for Marvel SH and Champions, a review of the Freedom Force computer RPGs, and movie reviews of Batman v Superman and X-Men Apocalypse.


We are also accepting contributions for our next 'zine on all things OSR right now! Contact us through

http://rpgreview.net or PM me for more information.




RPG Review Issue 28 and 29 : The Undead

02 June 2016 - 06:27 AM


The twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth issue of RPG Review has *finally* been released as a double
(yes, it's *that* late)! One hundred and twenty eight pages of undead goodness (or evilness)!
This is the first issue of RPG Review released under the auspices of the new incorporated association,
the RPG Review Cooperative.
It includes an interview with John Snead, undeath in Warhammer 40K, a Killer scenario, beyond death in
Labyrinth Lord, and death in Dungeons and Dragons.
There is a death artifact, The Scythe of Thanatos, a disturbing set of tales in 'Undead in Reality',
a collection of undead RPG reviews including Vampire The Masquerade, GURPS Undead, All Flesh Must Be Eaten,
Libris Mortis, Open Grave, plus a review of The Laundry, the Undead in Eclipse Phase, a revival of Saltram Shore,
an undead Hero System scenario. Plus non-undead material including Starship Purchase in Savage Worlds,
poisons in GURPS, the campaign setting Green Isles, rules options for HeroQuest, three reviews from Andrew Moshos
- The Revenant, Crimson, and Lights. Plus... an article on why tabletop RPGs are better than computer RPGs
by none other than Lewis Pulsipher!
Did you get all that? Oh, and there's more as well..
So get some here:
Join our low-volume announce list:
Please consider contributing to our next issue, "Superheroes"! Come on, write something - it's fun!



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