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#82420 From The Shadows....

Posted by vhesper on 17 July 2013 - 09:02 AM

Hi all! I told Hal I would post a introduction for fixing my account. Not sure how long I have been lurking on RPGMP3. A long time I guess. I have been playing various RPG's for near on 34 years now. I am currently running a Mutants and Masterminds, D&D 3.5 and a Pathfinder game at my Friendly Local Gaming Store and am playing in a epic 3.5 game (Weekends taken). I do play occasionally, but mostly I run games. I have run all of the various incarnations of AD&D (Just finished a 1st edition campaign last month), Cyberpunk, GURPS, Aftermath, and my own system I have been working on here and there. :) I rarely use modules and generally run campaigns - very few one shots. It has been a pleasure listening to the various groups and getting to know folks in my favorite hobby. 


That's about it for now. 



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